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Search for dark matter produced in association with a hadronically decaying vector boson in pp collisions at root s=13 TeV with the ATLAS detector


Academic year: 2021

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pp collisions




13 TeV with





a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t ra c t

Articlehistory: Received9August2016

Receivedinrevisedform9October2016 Accepted17October2016

Availableonline20October2016 Editor:W.-D.Schlatter

A searchis presented for dark matterproducedin associationwith ahadronically decaying W or Z

boson using 3.2 fb−1 of pp collisions ats=13 TeV recordedby the ATLAS detector at the Large

HadronCollider.EventswithahadronicjetcompatiblewithaW or Z bosonandwith largemissing

transverse momentumareanalysed.The dataare consistentwiththeStandardModel predictionsand




Darkmatteris thedominantcomponentofmatter inthe uni-verse, but its particle nature remains a mystery. Searches for a weaklyinteractingmassiveparticle(WIMP),denotedby χ,andfor interactions between χ andStandard Model (SM) particles are a centralcomponentofthecurrentsetofdark-matterexperiments.

At particle colliders, dark-matter particles may be produced in pairs via some unknown intermediate state. While in many modelsdirect detectionexperiments havethe greatestsensitivity for dark-matter masses mχ between 10 and 100 GeV, searches fordark matter atparticle collidersare mostpowerfulfor lower masses [1–3]. The final-state WIMPs are not directly detectable, buttheirpresencecanbeinferredfromtherecoilagainstavisible particle[1].TwoexampleprocessesareshowninFig. 1.

The Tevatron and LHC collaborations have reported limits on the cross section of pp¯ →χχ¯ +X and ppχχ¯ +X , respec-tively,where X isahadronicjet[1–3],a photon(γ)[4,5],a W/Z boson[6,7],oraHiggsboson [8,9].Inmanycases,resultsare re-portedin terms oflimits on the parameters of an effective field theory(EFT)formulatedasafour-pointcontactinteraction[10–18] betweenquarks andWIMPs. Forsuch models, thestrongest lim-itscomefromdatainwhichtherecoilingobjectisajet. Inother models,however,theinteractionisbetweendarkmatter and vec-torbosons[19],suchthattheprimarydiscoverymodewouldbein finalstatessuchasthoseanalysedhere,wheretherecoilingobject isaW or Z boson.


In thisLetter,a search is reportedfor theproduction ofa W or Z bosondecaying hadronically (toqq¯ orqq,¯ respectively) and reconstructed as a single massive jet in association with large missing transverse momentum from the undetected χχ¯ parti-cles in data collected by the ATLAS detector from pp collisions withcentre-of-mass energy √s=13 TeV. This search issensitive to WIMPpair production,aswell asto other dark-matter-related models which predict invisible Higgs boson decays (W H or Z H productionwithHχχ¯).


range |η|<4.9 and the full azimuthal angleφ. It consistsof an innertrackingdetectorsurroundedbyasuperconductingsolenoid, electromagneticandhadroniccalorimeters,andanexternalmuon spectrometer incorporating large superconducting toroidal mag-nets.A two-leveltriggersystemisusedtoselectinterestingevents toberecordedforsubsequentofflineanalysis.Onlydataforwhich beamswerestableandallsubsystemsdescribedabovewere oper-ationalareused.Applyingtheserequirementsto pp collisiondata, recordedduringthe2015LHCrun,resultsinadatasamplewitha time-integratedluminosityof3.2 fb−1.Thesystematicuncertainty

1 ATLASusesaright-handedcoordinatesystemwithitsoriginatthenominal in-teractionpoint(IP)inthecentreofthedetectorandthez-axisalongthebeampipe. Thex-axispointsfromtheIPtothecentreoftheLHCring,andthey-axispoints upward.Polarcoordinates(r,φ)areusedinthetransverse(x,y)plane,φbeingthe azimuthalanglearoundthebeampipe.Thepseudorapidityisdefinedintermsof thepolarangleθasη= −ln tan(θ/2).


0370-2693/©2016TheAuthor.PublishedbyElsevierB.V.ThisisanopenaccessarticleundertheCCBYlicense(http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).Fundedby SCOAP3.


Fig. 1. PairproductionofWIMPs(χχ)¯ inproton–protoncollisionsat theLHCinassociationwithavectorboson(V ,meaning W or Z )viatwohypotheticalprocesses: (a) productionviaaneffectiveV Vχ χinteractionor(b) viaasimplifiedmodelwhichincludesans-channelmediator.

of2.1%intheluminosityisderivedfollowingthesame methodol-ogyasthatdetailedinRef.[21].

Threenon-exclusivecategoriesofjetcandidatesarebuilt,each using the anti-k clustering algorithm [22]. Two categories use clusters of energy deposits in calorimeter cells seeded by those with energies significantly above the measured noise and cali-bratedatthehadronicenergyscale[25].Theyaredistinguishedby theirradiusparameters;jetswithradiusparameterof1.0(0.4)are referred toaslarge-Rjets(narrowjets).Largeandnarrowjetscan shareafractionoftheir energydeposits.A thirdtypeofjet candi-dateisreconstructedfrominner-detectortracksusingtheanti-k algorithm with R=0.2,referred to astrackjets. Large-R jetsare trimmed[26] toremoveenergydepositedbypile-upjets,the un-derlyingevent,andsoftradiation.Inthisprocess,theconstituents oflarge-R jetsarereclusteredusingthek algorithm[23,24]with adistanceparameterof0.2,andsubjetswithtransverse momen-tum pT less than5% ofthe large-R jet pT are removed. Large-R jets are required to satisfy pT>200 GeV and |η|<2.0. These large-R jetsareintendedtocapturethehadronicproductsofboth quarksfromthedecayofa W or Z boson,whilethenarrowjets andtrackjetsare helpfulinbackgroundsuppression.Theinternal structureofthelarge-R jetischaracterizedintermsoftwo quanti-ties:D2[27,28],whichidentifiesjetswithtwodistinct concentra-tionsofenergy[29,30],andmjet,whichisthecalculatedinvariant massofthejet.Narrowjetsarerequiredtosatisfy pT>20 GeV for

|η|<2.5 orpT>30 GeV for2.5<|η|<4.5.Trackjetsarerequired tosatisfy pT>10 GeV and|η|<2.5.Forboththelarge-R and nar-rowjets, jetmomenta are calculatedby performing afour-vector sumoverthesecomponentclusters,treatingeachtopological clus-ter[25]asan(E,p)four-vectorwithzeromass,andarecalibrated tothehadronicscale.Fornarrowjets,thedirectionofp is givenby thelinejoiningthereconstructedvertexwiththebarycentreofthe energycluster. The missingtransverse momentum Emiss

T is calcu-latedasthenegativeofthevectorsumofthetransversemomenta ofreconstructed jets, leptons, andthose tracks whichare associ-atedwiththereconstructedvertexbutnotwithanyjetorlepton. A closelyrelatedquantity,EmissT,noμ,iscalculatedinthesamewaybut excludingreconstructedmuons.A thirdvariant,pmissT ,isthe miss-ing transverse momentum measured using inner detectortracks. The magnitudesofthe threemissing-transverse-momentum vari-antsaredenotedbyEmiss

T ,EmissT,noμ,andpmissT ,respectively.Electrons, muons,jets, andEmissT arereconstructedasdescribedinRefs.[25, 31–33],respectively.

Candidate signal events are selected by an inclusive Emiss T trigger that is more than 99% efficient for events with Emiss

T > 200 GeV. Events triggered by detector noise and non-collision backgrounds are rejected as described in Ref. [34]. In addition, eventsarerequiredtosatisfytherequirementsofEmissT >250 GeV, no reconstructed electrons or muons, and at least one large-R jet with pT>200 GeV, |η|<2.0,mjet and D2 consistent witha W or Z boson decay as in Ref. [35]. To further suppress

back-grounds from multijet and t¯t production, events are required to satisfy pmissT >30 GeV, a minimum azimuthal angular distance,

, of 0.6 between the EmissT and the nearest narrow jet, and

φ (EmissT ,pmissT )<π/2. Within a fiducialvolume defined at par-ton level by similar selection requirements (except those on D2 and pmissT ),thereconstruction efficiencyforthesignalmodels de-scribedabovevariesfrom38%to49%.

Thedominantsourceofbackgroundeventsis Zνν¯ produc-tioninassociationwithjets.A secondarycontributioncomesfrom the productionof jetsinassociation witha leptonically decaying W or Z boson in which the charged leptons are not identified or the τ leptons decayhadronically.The third major background contributioncomesfromtop-quarkpairproduction.Thekinematic distributions ofthesethreelargestbackgroundsare estimated us-ing simulatedeventsamplesbutthe normalizationis determined usingcontrol regionswherethedark-mattersignal isexpectedto be negligible. Each control region requires EmissT >200 GeV and pmissT >30 GeV aswellasonelarge-R jetsatisfyingthe substruc-ture requirement on D2 as applied in the signal region. The Z boson control region requires exactly two muons with dimuon invariant mass 66<mμμ<116 GeV. The W boson (top quark) control regionrequires exactlyone muon,andzero(atleastone) b-tagged trackjet not associated withthe large-R jet. Validation of the reconstruction of hadronic W boson decays with large-R jets is performed in the top-quark control region, as shown in Fig. 2,whichalsopresentsthedistributionofthe D2 substructure variable.Othersources ofbackgroundaredibosonproductionand single-top-quarkproduction.Thecontributiontothesignal region frommultijetproductionisnegligible.

Samplesof simulatedW + jetsand Z +jetsevents are gen-erated using Sherpa 2.1.1 [36]. Matrix elements are calculated for up to two partons at next-to-leading order (NLO) and four partons at leading order (LO) using the Comix [37] and Open-Loops[38]matrixelementgeneratorsandmergedwiththe Sherpa parton shower [39] using the ME+PS@NLO prescription [40]. The CT10 [41] PDF set is used in conjunction with dedicated par-ton shower tuning developed by the Sherpa authors. The W/Z production rates are normalized to a next-to-next-to-leading or-der (NNLO) calculation [42]. The production of t¯t andsingle-top processes, including s-channel, t-channel and W t production is modelledwiththe Powheg-Box v2generator[43–45]interfacedto Pythia6.428[46].Inthesegeneratorsthe CT10andCTEQ6L1[47] PDF sets areused, respectively.Top-quark pairproductionis nor-malized to NNLO with next-to-next-to-leading-logarithm correc-tions [48] in QCD while single-top processes are normalized at NLO [49,50] in QCD. The diboson (W W,W Z,Z Z ) processes are simulatedusing Sherpa 2.1.1withtheCT10PDFandnormalizedat NLO [51,52]inQCD.The multijetprocess isdescribedusing sam-ples simulated with Pythia8.186 [53] and the NNPDF2.3LO [54] PDF at leading order in QCD; these multijet samples were used to develop thebackgroundestimationstrategy butnotforthe fi-nalbackgroundprediction.


Fig. 2. Pane(a)Distributionofmjetinthedataandforthepredictedbackgroundinthetop-quarkcontrolregion.Pane(b)DistributionofjetsubstructurevariableD2inthe dataandforthepredictedbackgroundineventssatisfyingallsignalregionrequirementsotherthanthoseonD2.Alsoshownisthedistributionforthesimplifiedmodel withavector-bosonmediator,scaledbyafactorof104forgivenvaluesofm

χ andmmed,themediatormass.(Forinterpretationofthereferencestocolorinthisfigure legend,thereaderisreferredtothewebversionofthisarticle.)

Fig. 3. TheEmiss

T,noμdistributionoftheeventsinthecontrolregionsaftertheprofile-likelihoodfittothedataunderthebackground-onlyhypothesis.Pane(a)showsthet¯t controlregion,pane(b)showsthe Z +jetscontrolregion,andpane(c)showsthe W +jetscontrolregion.Thetotalbackgroundpredictionbeforethefitisshownas adashedline.Theinsetatthebottomofeachplotshowstheratioofthedatatothetotalpost-fitbackground.Thehatchedbandsrepresentthetotaluncertaintyinthe background.(Forinterpretationofthereferencestocolorinthisfigurelegend,thereaderisreferredtothewebversionofthisarticle.)


Fig. 4. The Emiss

T distributionoftheeventsinthesignalregionafterthe profile-likelihoodfit tothedataunderthebackground-onlyhypothesis.Theinsetshows theratioofthedatatothetotalbackground.AlsoshownistheEmiss

T distribution forthesimplifiedmodelwithavector-bosonmediator,scaledbyafactorof104for =10 GeV andmmed=10 TeV.Thetotalbackgroundbeforethefitisshownasa dashedline.Thehatchedbandsrepresentthetotaluncertaintyinthebackground. (Forinterpretationofthereferencestocolorinthisfigurelegend,thereaderis re-ferredtothewebversionofthisarticle.)

SamplesofsimulatedWχχ¯ andZχχ¯ eventsaregenerated us-ing MadGraph5_aMC@NLO[55],andtheunderlyingeventand par-tonshoweringare simulatedwith Pythia8.186[53]. Two theoret-icalmodelsareusedasbenchmarks:aseven-dimensional V Vχ χ EFT[19] model(V meaning W or Z )andavector-mediated sim-plifiedmodel[56].ThestrengthoftheEFTinteractioniscontrolled by a mass scale, M, and the strength of the simplified model interaction is controlled by the product of the couplings of the mediatorto theSM andthedarkmatter(DM)particles, gSMgDM. The EFT model samples were generated with M=3000 GeV, andthesimplifiedmodelsamples weregeneratedwithcouplings gSM=0.25 and gDM=1. Thesamples weregenerated asa func-tionofdark-matter particlemassmχ fortheEFT modelandina gridofmediatormassmmedandmχ forthesimplifiedmodel.

Majorsourcesofsystematicuncertaintyareuncertaintiesinthe modellingoflarge-R jetobservables, whichhavea 5–13%impact on the expected background and signal yields, and the energy scale ofthe narrow jets, which contribute a 1–5% uncertaintyto theexpectedyields.Othersources ofuncertaintyinclude theoret-ical uncertainties in the simulated event samplesused to model the background processes (1–10%), parton distribution functions (10–15%),andlepton reconstructionandidentificationefficiencies (upto2%).

Aprofile-likelihoodfit[57]totheEmissT (EmissT,noμ)distributionin thesignalregion(controlregions)isusedtoconstrainthe W bo-son, Z boson,andtt backgrounds¯ andextractthesignalstrength, μ,foreachmodelasanoverallnormalizationfactorforthesignal prediction.Besidesthesignalstrength,threeoverallnormalization factors for the W boson, Z boson, and tt backgrounds¯ are pa-rameters in the fit. The diboson and single-top backgrounds are estimatedfromsimulation, andthe multijetbackgroundis negli-gible.The likelihoodfunctionisdefinedastheproductofPoisson distributions overall binsin Emiss

T and ETmiss,noμ,andthelikelihood issimultaneouslymaximizedoverthesignalandcontrolregions.

Variationsof theexpectedsignal andbackgroundto allow for theirsystematicuncertaintiesaredescribedwithnuisance parame-tersconstrainedbyGaussianprobabilitydistributionfunctions,and correlations across signal and background processes and regions aretakenintoaccount.

Table 1

Predictedandobservednumberofeventsinthesignal re-gion.Theyieldsanduncertaintiesofthebackgroundsare shownaftertheprofile-likelihoodfittothedataunderthe background-onlyhypothesis.Forcomparison,theexpected yieldinthe V Vχ χ EFTmodelwith M=600 GeV and =500 GeV is10.1±0.4 events. Process Events Z+jets 544±33 W +jets 275±24 tt and single-top¯ 211±19 Diboson 89±12 Total background 1120±47 Data 1121 Table 2

Background normalization factors relative to the initial theoreticalprediction,extractedfromtheprofile-likelihood fitunderthebackground-onlyhypothesis.

Process Normalization factor

Z+jets 1.01±0.16 W +jets 0.90±0.16

tt¯ 0.91±0.18

A background-only (μ=0) fit, shows no deviation from SM predictions, and Figs. 3 and 4 show kinematic distributions af-tertheprofile-likelihoodfit.Thefloatingbackground-normalization parameters are consistent withunity within one standard devia-tion.Tables 1 and 2showtheexpectedeventyieldsafterapplying the signal selection and the backgroundnormalization scale fac-tors, respectively.Thevaluesinthesetablesareestimatedforthe background-onlyhypothesis.

Upperlimitsat95% confidencelevel(C.L.)on μ arecalculated usingtheCLsmethod[58].FortheV Vχ χ EFTmodel,these lim-its aretranslated intoconstraintsonthemassscale, M.Fig. 5(a) showsthelimitonthemassscale,M,intheEFTmodel,asa func-tion of mχ .Fig. 5(b)shows the limitson the signal strength, μ, for a vector-mediatedsimplified model generatedwith couplings gSM=0.25 and gDM=1 intheplaneofmχ andmmed.

In conclusion, thisLetter reportsATLAS limits on dark-matter production in events with a hadronically decaying W or Z bo-son and large missing transverse momentum. These limits from 3.2 fb−1 of13 TeVpp collisionsattheLHCimproveonearlier AT-LAS results.No statisticallysignificant excessisobservedoverthe StandardModelprediction.


We thank CERN forthe very successful operation ofthe LHC, as well asthe supportstaff fromour institutions withoutwhom ATLAScouldnotbeoperatedefficiently.

WeacknowledgethesupportofANPCyT,Argentina;YerPhI, Ar-menia;ARC,Australia;BMWFWandFWF,Austria; ANAS, Azerbai-jan; SSTC,Belarus;CNPqandFAPESP,Brazil; NSERC,NRCandCFI, Canada;CERN; CONICYT,Chile;CAS,MOSTandNSFC,China; COL-CIENCIAS, Colombia; MSMT CR, MPO CR and VSC CR, Czech Re-public; DNRFand DNSRC, Denmark;IN2P3-CNRS, CEA-DSM/IRFU, France; GNSF, Georgia; BMBF, HGF, and MPG, Germany; GSRT, Greece; RGC, Hong Kong SAR, China; ISF, I-CORE and Benoziyo Center, Israel; INFN, Italy; MEXT and JSPS, Japan; CNRST, Mo-rocco; FOM and NWO, Netherlands; RCN, Norway; MNiSW and NCN,Poland;FCT,Portugal;MNE/IFA,Romania;MESofRussiaand NRC KI,Russian Federation;JINR;MESTD,Serbia; MSSR,Slovakia; ARRS andMIZŠ,Slovenia; DST/NRF,South Africa; MINECO,Spain; SRCandWallenberg Foundation,Sweden;SERI,SNSFandCantons


Fig. 5. Pane(a)showsthelimitonthemassscale, M,ofthe V Vχ χ EFTmodel.Pane(b)showstheobservedlimitonthesignalstrength,μ,ofthevector-mediated simplifiedmodelintheplaneofthedark-matterparticlemass,,andthemediatormass,mmed;whiteareasindicateanupperlimitatμ≥100.(Forinterpretationofthe referencestocolorinthisfigurelegend,thereaderisreferredtothewebversionofthisarticle.)

of Bern and Geneva, Switzerland; MOST, Taiwan; TAEK, Turkey; STFC, United Kingdom; DOE and NSF, United States of America. Inaddition,individualgroupsandmembershavereceivedsupport fromBCKDF,theCanadaCouncil,CANARIE,CRC,ComputeCanada, FQRNT,andthe Ontario Innovation Trust,Canada; EPLANET,ERC, FP7,Horizon2020andMarieSkłodowska-CurieActions,European Union;Investissementsd’AvenirLabex andIdex, ANR,Région Au-vergne and Fondation Partager le Savoir, France; DFG and AvH Foundation,Germany;Herakleitos,ThalesandAristeiaprogrammes co-financedbyEU-ESFandtheGreekNSRF;BSF,GIFandMinerva, Israel; BRF, Norway; Generalitat de Catalunya, Generalitat Valen-ciana,Spain;theRoyalSocietyandLeverhulmeTrust,United King-dom.

The crucialcomputing support fromall WLCG partners is ac-knowledged gratefully,in particularfromCERN, the ATLAS Tier-1 facilities at TRIUMF (Canada), NDGF (Denmark, Norway, Swe-den),CC-IN2P3(France),KIT/GridKA(Germany),INFN-CNAF(Italy), NL-T1(Netherlands),PIC(Spain),ASGC(Taiwan),RAL(UK)andBNL (USA),theTier-2facilitiesworldwideandlargenon-WLCGresource providers.Majorcontributorsofcomputingresources arelistedin Ref.[59].


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Fig. 1. Pair production of WIMPs ( χ χ ¯ ) in proton–proton collisions at the LHC in association with a vector boson (V , meaning W or Z ) via two hypothetical processes:
Fig. 3. The E miss T , no μ distribution of the events in the control regions after the profile-likelihood fit to the data under the background-only hypothesis
Fig. 4. The E miss T distribution of the events in the signal region after the profile- profile-likelihood fit to the data under the background-only hypothesis
Fig. 5. Pane (a) shows the limit on the mass scale, M  , of the V V χ χ EFT model. Pane (b) shows the observed limit on the signal strength, μ , of the vector-mediated simplified model in the plane of the dark-matter particle mass, m χ , and the mediator m


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