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Collection: Glover (Robert E.) Papers Author: Glover, Robert E. (Robert Ellsworth) Title: 1956

Date: 1956

File Name: WREG02905.pdf Date Transcribed: March 2021 Editors: T. Barker

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Reminder 1956

Name: Robert E Glover

Residence: 1936 South Lincoln Street. Denver, Colorado Home Telephone: Pearl-3-8757

In case of accident or serious illness please notify: Carol R. Glover 1936 So Lincoln St.

Make of my Auto: Nash When: 1950

Registration No.: B-9430 Tuesday, January 17, 1956

Trip to Fort Collins. Harbeck, Peterson, Hughes, Glover - Albertson, David Hollmade, A Liu, Ted Williams, Fonken

Flume 8’ wire 2’ deep 6 to 10 f3/see 150 ft long. “N” 025 wires 050 GIS [illegible] Wind tunnel 6’x6’ throat 30 to 50 ft/sec velocity. Used for turbulence studies. Return to Denver Federal Center at 3:45 PM. REG

Wednesday, February 8, 1956 Pearson

Tuesday, February 28, 1956

Call from Mr C.E. Shevling about joint paper with Scrivener. Promised to call Puls. REG 2-29-56 Wednesday 29

Called Puls to convey message from Shevling. Called Winter, Call from Simonds. Thursday, March 1, 1956

Trip to Ft Collins Miles 56625. Leave fed center 9:35 AM. Ft Collins 56699 at 11:05 AM. 56700 at campus - leave at 2:30 PM. Return about 4:05 PM


Monday, March 5, 1956

Mr Secley of Gardiner - Denver called to say that he has records of Italian dams from Mr Calibrini. He will send them to my house. REG

Took papers by Xerez, Cayne and Rocha - Seraphina - Siberia to Mr Keener. Monday 26

White Motor Court Room 2 Tuesday, March 27, 1956

Hook up electrodes in morning. Daum, Glover, Hallmark, Purchase, measure, ladle developer and fixer. Bob Stahole introduced by Hallmark in the PM.

Thursday 5 F.W. Blaisdell SCS Sunday, April 8, 1956

R.A. Sutherland, C.E. Shevling, Joe Richardson, O.J. Olsen, Ray Hoidal, L.R. Scrivner Sunday, June 3, 1956


Arrived Knoxville at Andrew Johnson Hotel about 4:20 PM. Room 516. Limousine fare $1.35 Brown, Serafin, Leo Terrell da Siviera, Farquarson. Supper with Peterson. Interesting discussion with Serafin. Monday 4

[illegible] (Engrs) Virginia Levy. James Goddard. Thomas Bounds Aiken. Don Mattern, Robert Burns, Mohlmann Johnston Gale Dougherty.

Tuesday, June 5, 1956

Mr Khosla 20 to 24 in Denver Tolnay (Bechtel) Stuber Monroe. Hartmann (Alcoa) Obeti 1022 Tonini 1016. Hicks, Smith, Andrews. Ashley T Gibbons (Protland [illegible]) HT Larsen 709.

Dr Louis Tolnay Bechtel Corporation Ludlow 5-5441 3620 Seville Avenue Vernon, California Sunday 10

June 3. Arrived Knoxville at Andrew Johnson Hotel about 4:20 PM. Room 516. Limousine $1.35. Brown. Serafin. Leo. Terrell. Da Silveria. Farquason. Supper with Peterson interesting discussion with Serafin.


Memoranda CR Daum 2112 Bluff Street Boulder Colorado Phone - Hillcrest 2-1241 Albert A Shepard 590 Frank L Gaber 338 Be-3-3611. DFC Gale Daugherty Authors Breakfast Tues Magnetic Thur. Optical 3 ¼ x 4” 2’x2” Pointer Light in projector

Bring chairman to breakfast Home phone


Assistant to note names

Possible assistance from chairman of program comm.

Announcement from chairman at end of meeting to get discussions. Lockwood - editor c eng Stuber. Malarkey.

Tues Morning.

Mr Dale and Kim Sheng

20 to 30 percent saved by using arch. $5000000 saving was not economical project without it. Permitted greater speed of construction - 1 yr saved. Serafin. - questions methods of design for stress control around spillway openings - cantilever action only above crest. Mr Parme - rough computations of arch action in top of dam. Mr Roche says very large holes could present [illegible] destroy was arch action Xerez - by Mr Roche

Dr Seimenza - Thickness of paving - Serafin Silviera - 30 days year for floods. Gunwaldsen Gunwaldsen - Kimishima

Serafin - proportionality between stress and strain. for creep. 2m [illegible] interval Joe Richardson

Racha - what criterion for design. Shrinkage

Saltos de Agua e Presas de Embalse by Navarro and Aracil 2nd Edition. Madrid 1954 2 dams at Aden built before Cristus


Gunwaldsen 1517 M Roche

John Rozek Proj. Paul Threikeld AW Simonds Snapshot 615 So Gay Street 3 ½ blocks R Sutherland 1010 Diary 1956 RE Glover Calendar 1956

Diary and Daily Reminder Monday, January 2, 1956 Holiday REG 6-6-56 Thursday, January 5, 1956

Dr Albertson and Dasil Hallmark came down from Fort Collins today. REG 6-6-56 Monday, January 9, 1956

Mr Hughes came in today. Talked with Mr Harbeck about USGS requirements for approval of papers as applied to my paper on Hungry-Horse dam. He feels that the USGS should not attempt to pass on work of the Bureau of Reclamation and has written to request release of the USGS requirements for this paper and all other discussions to be made during the Symposium on Dams in June 1956. REG Talked to Copen and Scrivener today. REG

Tuesday, January 10, 1956

Obtained copies of reports from Bureau of Reclamation today. REG Thursday, January 12, 1956

3 hrs annual leave taken today to cover conference with Scrivner and Copen at USBR (9 to 11:30) REG Maps showing soundings came from Albany on this data REG 1/13/56

Friday, January 13, 1956


Monday, January 16, 1956

Conference with Poe, Keener, and Ray Dexter during the noon hour on contributions of the Bureau of Reclamation to the Symposium on Dams. REG

Tuesday, January 17, 1956

Trip to Fort Collins, Colorado in company of Messrs Harbeck, Peterson and Hughes. Saw Hydraulic Laboratory, Adjustable flume and wind tunnel. Adjustable flume is 8 ft wide 2 ft deep and can be supplied with 10 ft3/sec of water. Wire frames give an “n” of 025. Bent galvanized straps give “n” = 0.050. The adjustable flume is 150 feet long. The wind tunnel has a 6’x6’ throat and can produce wind velocities of 30 ft/sec. Talked to Dr M Albertson, EW Lane, Dasil Hallmark, E Lieu, Ted Williams and student Forken. REG

Thursday, January 19, 1956

Upper book-case section arrived today. REG 1-20-56 Monday, January 23, 1956

Office memorandum dated Jan 20, 1956 to Harbeck from CC McDonald on “ASCE paper by RE Glover re arch dams states:

“As paper will draw entirely on non-survey knowledge and experience the director’s approval will not be required.” Also: “It will be necessary of course, to obtain the approval of the Director for attendance at the June meeting whether or not survey funds are used to pay any expense involved.”

Memo dated Jan 19, 1956 to Harbeck from CC McDonald Washington DC on the subject: Mr Glover’s discussion of paper states: “Returned herewith is Glover’s discussion of paper ‘Flow into a well by electric and membrane analogy’ Since this paper would otherwise require review in the ground water branch, we suggest that Mr Glover delete the survey reference. He may then go ahead and submit the paper directly. We think this would be satisfactory because the paper obviously refers to a subject that is not a part of his present assignment. . . . .”

REG 1-24-56

Tuesday, January 24. 1956

Call from Harrison in Georgia. He will get program from Sutherland tomorrow morning. Will not announce people to preside at meetings at this time. (His program revised from memory regarding authorship) REG

Particle removed from eye by nurse. REG 1-25-56 Wednesday, January 25, 1956

Analysis of flow over sea-water wedge and the library book on this problem by view of California given to Stan Lohman this morning.

Monday, January 30, 1956


Thursday, February 2, 1956 Fountain compilations REG 2-9-56 Friday, February 3, 1956 Fountain computations. REG 2-9-56 Monday, February 6, 1956

Inked graphs so prints could be obtained. REG 2-8-56 Tuesday, February 7, 1956

Worked on the fountain problem. REG 2-8-56 Wednesday, February 8, 1956

On annual leave 4 hrs in the morning. REG Friday, February 10, 1956

Letter from Jenkins of the Saline Water Office shown to Mr Harbeck today. After consulting with Mr Ramsey he says that the affidavit deserved by Jenkins can be prepared during office hours and so long as the amount of work required is minor no exchange of funds will be necessary. The work mentioned by Jenkins, to be done in connection with laboratory work in the Bureau of Reclamation Laboratories would require other arrangements. REG

Monday, February 13, 1956

Worked on Fountain Computations Tuesday, February 14, 1956

Fountain computations REG 2-16-56 Wednesday, February 15, 1956 Fountain computations. REG 2-16-56

Walter Langein came in this afternoon. REG 2-16-56 Thursday, February 16, 1956

Fountain computations. REG Monday, February 20, 1956 Fountain creek computations. REG Tuesday, February 21, 1956


Conference with Mr HV Peterson on laboratory program for determining the ability of a stream to transplant sediment. REG 2-23-56

Wednesday, February 22, 1956 Holiday REG 2-23-56

Thursday, February 23, 1956

Preparation of invention report for Saline Water in the morning. REG

Diary book for 1954 given to Mr McAden for reproduction of page containing sketches. (Alva. R. McAden) REG

Fountain computation in afternoon. REG 2-24-56 Friday, February 24, 1956

Fountain computation in morning. Report for Jenkins of Saline-Water in the afternoon. REG Monday, February 27, 1956

Fountain computations 4 hours. Saline water r hours. REG Tuesday, February 28, 1956

Appraisal of the South Dakota proposal for investigation of possibilities for extracting heat from the earth forwarded today. REG

Note: Data shown to Quinn yesterday before forwarding. REG

Mr McAden returned the 1954 diary book to me personally after making a negative of the page for Nov 17, 1954. The photograph is being made under the “Business Confidential” rules. REG 3-29-56

Wednesday, February 29, 1956

Talked to Modig about rights to invention made while at Saline Water. He suggests to claim rights. Personnel of USGS says my file is in Washington DC. Following Modig’s suggestion I called Gould but as he was not in I talked to Jasinsky who said my records had been forwarded to the USGS in Wash-Wood. Talked to Wood who says I probably did not have a special job sheet for the Wash DC work with Saline water. He will send photostat of the job sheet applicable at that time. REG

Thursday, March 1, 1956

Trip to Fort Collins with C. Daum and G.E. Harbeck in Government Cal. Leave 9:35 AM. Returned to Federal Center about 4:05 PM. Arrived campus A [and] M College at 11:05 AM. Saw Mr M. Albertson, Dasil Hallmark, Rex Sjostrom, Ew Lane, B Peterson.

Data on A [and] M Oscillograph. No of elements 16. Heiland 708 recorder. No undamped sensitivity resistance.

Not freq ma lines ohms cycles/sec at 24.5 cm.

10 1000 20.7 17.5


2 450 0.426 85.0

2 40 0.015 65.0

Note: The 24.5 cm is the actual length of the optical lever.

The oscillograph has a timer. Paper width 8” paper speeds 6, 3, 1.5, 0.75 inches per second. Also 24, 12, 6, 3 in/sec they can develop records. Plume length 75 ft, width 95 inches, depth 24”. Can be reduced to 4 ft and 2 ft. Pump capacity 6.0 ft3/sec. 30 min to adjust flow. Timber only “n” .012. Bar roughness .025 capacity of reservoir 60x30x7=12600 ft3. About one half of this capacity would be used. Costs: Flume $50 per day. Oscillograph $5.00 per day. Grad student 200 hr at $1.50/hr. Shop 25 hr at $1.60 per hour. D Hallmark 25 hr at $2.00 per hour. REG 3-2-56

Thursday, March 8, 1956

Delivered drawing to Wilkins sheet metal co - 290 South Perry this morning. West - 4-3134

Mr Wilkins called about 1:00 PM this afternoon to say they could do the job for $150.00. I told him he could go ahead.

Mr Wilkins suggested 20 gage as preferable for the trough and black pipe 1 in dia nominal for the shaft. He will rivet and solder the end baffles as lb or 20 gage is too thin to weld. He will also make the baffles on oriole the pipe to get better welding. Purchase order number 22058-56 name is William P Wilkins. REG

They will have them done by Mar 26 so they can be taken Mar 26. REG Friday, March 9, 1956

Talked to Modig and Brown of the solicited office about the invention report requested by DS Jenkins of the Saline Water office. Mr Modig read the rough draft of the report. They will call me Monday. REG 3-12-56

Negative of notebook page and light points were obtained from McAden. These are photographs of the notebook page showing the sketch of the device upon which an invention report is desired by Jenkins. REG 3-12-56

Wednesday, March 14, 1956

Completed a draft of a memo on the fountain computation this morning. REG Friday, March 23, 1956

Call from [blank space] of the Saline Water Unit concerning the improvement to the rotary still. He says the basic patents have been granted but suggests confidential treatment even though the Badger Co would not be named by a disclosure. I stated that the question of my rights had been taken up with the solicited office here and I believed that this potent would probably belong to the government under the rules. REG Mar 26, 1956

Trip to Denver Fire Clay Co to get ammonia and other supplies. REG Mar 26, 1956 Monday, March 26, 1956

Left Federal Center to go to Fort Collins to make tests at the Colorado A [and] M College Hydraulic Laboratory. Left Federal Center about 11 AM in Govt Station Wagon G2-129 and picked up three troughs


at the Wilkin Sheet Metal Works on Percy St. Ate lunch at home and left for Boulder, Colo a little after noon. Picked Mr CR Daum up at his home in Boulder at about 1:45 PM. Arrived at Fort Collins about 3:20 PM. Saw Dr Albertson then went to lab to unload gear. Saw Mr Dasil Hallmark who helped us unload. Drove out to White Motor Court and arranged for cabin No 2. Later went back for supper. $1.67 + 2.5 REG 3-27-56

Tuesday, March 27, 1956

High wind blew all night. Glover, Daum, and Dasil Hallmark began work at the A [and] M Hydraulic Lab at 8:00 AM. Glover and Daum installed and connected up electrodes and installed the bough to release salt. Hallmark assisted by abstaining scales plants etc of needed and operating flume. Bob Staley

assisted in the afternoon reading gages and operating the flume. There was trouble with moisture in the elements of the oscillograph and some sort of conducting particles. After elements were blown out with compressed air, operation was better. The pumps have been overhauled and now deliver 8-5 ft3/sec. This was enough to flood part of the lab. Hallmark and Staley had to reduce the level in the pump to stop the trouble. One record was run and developed which slowed operation approximately as intended but the velocity in the flume would make continuing running preferred with this quantity of [illegible]. Trips were made to town to get a measure and ladle to handle the [illegible] solution and to get photographs developed and fixed. Dinner about 45 cents supper $2.04. Hallmark worked about one day. Staley about ½ day. REG

Wednesday, March 28, 1956

C.R. Daum, Glover, D. Hallmark, E. Plane, R. Staley worked on diffusion tests. Tests run on longitudinal diffusion and lateral diffusion with 2 cubic test per second flow. It is very difficult to release salt at a point without creating lateral velocities due to differences in level inside and outside of the pipe. A siphon was used to equalize levels in test No 11 but without completely over earning the difficulty which may be due to different density of fresh and salt water. It will be better to use continuing inspection of salt to measure the lateral diffusion rate. REG 3-29-56

Supper 1.50 + .20 Lunch about 0.45 Breakfast about 0.90 Thursday, Marcy 29, 1956

C.R. Daum, RE Glover, E. Plate in forenoon and R Staley in afternoon made 15 runs with the bar

roughness; “n” = .025 in place finishing with 8.0 ft3/sec. D Hallmark assisted at times. Glover and Daum reviewed progress in the evening and identified the oscillograph records taken. REG Mar 30 1956 Supper 1.50 + .20

Lunch about .45 Breakfast about 0.90 Friday, March 30, 1956

C.R. Daum and R.E. Glover, E Plate took pictures of flume bar roughness electrodes and trough, also color pictures of the control panel and oscillograph. 8.0 ft3/sec in flume at 9:15 AM. Mr Daum injured


his knee on a brace of the flume. Bandage applied to cut. Mr Harbeck arrived about 10:00 AM bringing with him Messrs R. Dexter, Shuster and Carlson of the Bureau of Reclamation. Lateral diffusion tests were completed and the oscillograph put in the box. Mr Daum took time for repairs. Orifice is to be changed over the week and to obtain the lower velocities needed to complete the longitudinal diffusion tests. Mr Daum drove to Boulder. Mr Glover drove on to Denver and returned the station wagon G2-129 to the garage at the federal center at about 4 PM. REG Mar 31 1956

Monday, April 2, 1956

Went to office at Federal Center by bus, arriving before 7:30 AM. Talked over progress of work with Mr Harbeck and had car brought from garage. Went to house to pick up suitcase and briefcase and left home about 9:15 AM. Left Denver about 9:45 AM. Arrived at Ft Collins about 11:15 AM. Messrs Daum and E Plate had water running in the flume. We made runs at 1.0 and 0.5 ft3/sec flow, but found salinity of water to be too high to get good results. Water will be changed tonight and the runs will be repeated in the morning. Went to White Motor Court and took cabin No 2 after buying salt $1.03 and

photographic supplies (developer, $1.29) REG

Note: E Plate assisted in the morning and D Hallmark after about 2:00 PM. REG Dean Evans visited the test flume. REG

Phone call from Charlie Shevling Seattle. Plaza 8731 REG He will come to Denver next Saturday or Sunday

Tuesday, April 3, 1956

RE Glover and CR Daum worked at A and M Hydraulic lab. The water in the sump had been changed during the night and the bar roughness had been re-installed. Tests on the 8 foot wide flume were completed. In the afternoon a letter was received from Mr Harbeck directing RE Glover to get a Ford pickup truck from the Steve’s Garage at 207 LaPorte St, Fort Collins and to pay the repair bill of about $350 using a SF 44. The bill of $318.45 was paid in this way and Mr Daum and I bought the Ford truck No 1-40909 back to the A [and] M Campus. Copies of the SF 44 forms were forwarded with a letter to Mr Harbeck in the evening. In the afternoon work was begun on the task of narrowing the flume from 8 feet to 4 feet in width. The water in the sump will be changed also. REG 4-4-56

Wednesday, April 4, 1956

The wall which reduces the width of the test flume to 4 feet was ready for use somewhere around 2:00 PM. It had been tested earlier and some leaks had been found. Messrs Daum and Glover had completed the electrode and bough installation earlier. The tests on the 4 foot wide channel were completed at 4:59 PM. A call to Mr Harbeck in the morning suggested a way of getting the Ford pickup truck to Denver. A later call from Mr Harbeck conveyed the information that the truck would be picked up by a third party tomorrow for a trip to Riverton. Mr Harbeck did not object to deleting the tests on the 2’x2’ channel if the tests on the 4 foot wide channel gave satisfactory data. Inquiry of Dr Albertson as for the contact brought out that it had been signed and sent to Denver. Mr Daum drove to Boulder but will be back in the morning. RE Glover returned to his lab to get the last roll of oscillograph records for study in the evening. Envelope with time and attendance cards were mailed, attention Mr Harbeck, this evening at the Post Office. REG


Note: Fresh water had been put in the sump and the orifice had been changed this morning. REG Thursday, April 5, 1956

Found Mr Daum at lab when I arrived a little before 8:00 AM. Called Mr Harbeck shortly after 8 AM. Instructed to leave the Ford truck but bring on set of keys to Denver. Mr Daum parked the truck as directed by Dasil Hallmark. After talking to Harbeck I talked to Hallmark and Asmus about changing the flume for the 2 foot wide tests. Their thought was that it would not be difficult as all the material was at hand. So CR Daum, D Hallmark, Asmus and I changed the flume and reinstalled the electrodes. This work was finished about noon. In the afternoon I checked by records with D Hallmark records while Dr

Albertson was present. We then ran five tests on the flume which we had adjusted to a 20 inch width and depth to forestall the possibility of overflow. These tests were completed about 2 PM. Then Daum, Hallmark and I packed the equipment in the truck. Daum left for Boulder and I left for Denver about 4 PM. I arrived at my home in Denver at 6:10 PM. REG

Friday, April 6, 19556

Drove station wagon G2-129 to Federal Center in the morning arriving about 7:15 AM. Unloaded the station wagon, returning the carboy to apply and placing the three troughs, 3 handles and 4 bearing blocks and the electrodes measure and dipper in storage, with the help of Gordon Koberg. The

oscillograph records and notebook were placed in my desk. The car was parked in the parking lost east of Bldg 25. Mr Harbeck was advised that the recent figure of costs was about $8.90 ($796.40 as remembered). Returned station wagon G2-129 to garage. Starting miles 38652.

Ending miles 39098. 446 miles. Calibration test

Fort Collins near (Begin) Distilled

Distilled and CP NaCl (100 ppm) Distilled and Sno White

Distilled and Mortens

Ft Collins old and 100 ppm Mortens Fort Collins new. (End)

Specific conductance of the new Fort Collins sample 67.2 Micro mho per can by quality of water. Note: Electrode washed in distilled water between immersions

Wednesday, April 11, 1956

Messrs Harbeck and Koberg left for Colorado City, Texas today. Mr Daum out sick. Signed for items 44 and 46, 02 and 005 MFD condenses and two rolls of. REG

Thursday, April 12, 1956

On leave four hours in the morning to attend the funeral of Annie Fennell. On duty in the afternoon. Mr Daum still out sick. REG


Long distance telephone call to Dasil Hallmark at the Hydraulic Laboratory at the A [and] M College at Fort Collins, Colorado. The “datum” of the point gages is the floor of the flume. EKG linegraph paper In determining the zero point elevation for the scale of the manometers, a rod reading is first taken on a nail driven into a cross member of the stationary part of the manometer gage frame and a reading is then taken on the nail with the manometer gage cross wire. (the zero of the scale is 0.377 feet below the nail).

A difference of about .015 feet has been observed between manometer tube readings when a part of them are treated with an aerosol. Mr Hallmark thinks therefore that a 0.020 foot difference, due to capillarity in the manometer tubes, as between water depths determined by manometer and point gage readings is reasonable. (The manometer readings should give the greater water depth) REG

Wednesday, April 18, 1956

Signed for a recording thermometer today. Model 1000 A. Electric Auto Lite Company Lacrosse Wisconsin. REG

Monday, April 23, 1956

Text of invention report for Jenkins typed by Mrs Proctor today under “Company Confidential”

procedures. Mrs Proctor and Mr Glover talked over details of this procedure with Mr Quinn before the typing was started. REG 4-25-56

Friday, April 27, 1956

Four copies of an invention report sent to Mr DS Jenkins of the Saline Water Unit today. The reports and letter of transmittal were enclosed in a sealed envelope marked confidential to be opened only by DS Jenkins - saline water unit Interior Bldg Washington 25 DC and enclosed in an outer envelope addressed to Mr DS Jenkins - Office of Saline Water, Interior Bldg Washington 25 DC. It was registered at my regiment. Mr Harbeck says they will pay postage. REG

Monday, April 30, 1956

Mr Essex in today. (Old Bureau of Reclamation employee. Moving to Cincinnati to walk on research and development) REG

Monday, May 7, 1956

On sick leave all day for dental work. REG 5-8-56 Tuesday, May 8, 1956

On leave 4 hours in the morning for dental work. REG Wednesday, May 9, 1956

Call from S Tauchi - Gasho Trading Co 50 Broadway New York concerning the Arch Dams Symposium program


Mr W Moran in to talk about a letter from Jenkins. Dr Albertson in to talk about possibility of teaching next fall. Program to be about ½ teaching ¼ work for USGS and ¼ other consulting work. REG 5-11-56 Wednesday, May 16, 1956

Conference with WT Moran and Joe Strobel about the possibility of taking a fuel time temporary appointment with the Bureau of Reclamation but with the salary to be paid by Saline Water possibility of part time employment also discussed Mr Gould can see her way clear for the temporary appointment but not for the WAE status where work might be done for two organizations such as the USGS of the Bureau of Recl. Mr Moran will look into the question as to what happens when the year is up. I told them about the tentative plans to work for the A [and] M College with a WAE appointment with the USGS. No decision was made but I said I was interested in the possibility. However I would like to know what is to happen to be after the year is up. REG

Thursday, May 17, 1956

Book of 44 forms given back to Mr Harbeck today. REG

Russ Brown and Ed Reed in today to talk about the Fountain computations. REG 5-18-56 Mr Henry Barksdale in the office today.

Mr Moran called to say that they had (he and Joe Strobel) looked into the possibility of my participation into the saline-water program on a part time basis and that this arrangement seemed the most

promising. REG

Monday, May 21, 1956

Mr Carter from Washington in today. REG Thursday, May 24, 1956

Mr E Sieveka in today to see Mr Harbeck. Mr Harbeck is in Texas. REG 5-25-56 Friday, May 25, 1956

Mr Harbeck and G Koberg returned today. REG Tuesday, May 29, 1956

Mr Frank Koopman in today with Ed Jenkins. REG Friday, June 1, 1956

Ran staple into finger while filling stapler. REG Mr PTA Griffiths

Hydro Electric Commission of Tasmania (Head of Hydraulic Section)

In this morning. REG Sunday, June 3, 1956


On annual leave to go to Knoxville for the Symposium on Arch Dams. Left by United Airlines. REG 6-11-56

Tuesday, June 5, 1956

First meeting of the Symposium on Arch Dams this morning. REG 6-11-56 Friday, June 8, 1956

Symposium on Arch Dams ended with the Friday morning session. REG 6-11-56 Saturday, June 9, 1956

Trip through the Smokies to see the TVA dams with Mr Reed Elliot REG 6-11-56 RA Sutherland and Mr Gunwaldsen were also on the trip. REG 6-11-56

At a construction site some sediment was introduced into a stream near one bank at a point 1600 feet downstream the [illegible] strip was about 40 feet wide. There was a fairly good current, probably about 2 ft/sec with a hydraulic radius possibly 2 ft. REG 6-11-56

Sunday, June 10, 1956

Returned to Denver via Delta Airlines and TWA plane arrived about 1 hr 30 minutes late. REG 6-11-56 Monday, June 11, 1956

On duty at Federal Center this morning. Taylor and Lind were in this morning Monday, June 18, 1956

First of sheets with oscillograph records attached taken to Swan and Vincent of the Government Printing Office of Bldg 52 at about 3:45 PM today. They were advised of the value of the records given to them (about $1500) REG

Tuesday, June 19, 1956

Accident on the bus this morning. Woman thrown to the floor when driver was forced to stop suddenly by autoist who drove in front of the bus. Stop was necessary to avoid an accident. REG 6-20-56

Monday, June 25, 1956

On annual leave all day. REG June 27 1956 Tuesday, June 26, 1956

On annual leave all day. REG June 27 1956 Thursday, June 28, 1956

On annual leave one hour to see Bill on his way through. REG 7/2/56 Friday, June 29, 1956


Tuesday, July 3, 1956

Trip to the Allen’s Park flume with Mr Harbeck, in Government automobile G1-618 (Ford) Leave about 8:15 AM - miles 4156 return about 3:40 PM - Miles 4342

Trip miles 186 Lunch at Estes Park

At Allen’s Park we met Messrs Theis, Powell and Posey and discussed a possible use of the Allen’s Park flume for dispersion experiments. There is a Kohler 115 volt 60 cycles/sec alternating current generator available. This has a capacity of 1.5 KVA speed and voltage regulation may not be exact. A voltage regulator is needed. A power line with plugs at 24 foot intervals runs the length of the flume. A panel truck and a passenger car will be needed. The panel truck with instruments can be parked near the center of the flume. There are no facilities for photographic development at the flume. There are several places nearby where board and lodging can be obtained. They are not sure the flume can be made ready by July 15. REG

Thursday, July 5, 1956

Mr Chilson of Loveland in to talk with Ed Jenkins and I about the Fountain computations. Took multilith sheets graph sheets and oscillograph records to the Govt printing office. Talked to Miss Mahon. She requested 30 days to get the report out in 35 copies. I objected to this amount of time so she set July 27 as a firm date and promised to do better if possible. REG 7/6/56

Tuesday, July 10, 1956

Conversation with Walt Thomas of the Bureau of reclamation about preparation of a joint paper on the salt-velocity method. Walt says they are agreeable to preparation of the joint paper. A call was made to Mr Poe to see what kind of a letter would be needed to the Chief Engineer. Mr Poe was out and Mr Basler suggests a letter to the Chief Engr direct. REG

Tuesday, July 17, 1956

Left for reservoir No 5 to make a map of the area and to make other measurements and adjustment of instruments. Lake is on the south slope of Pikes peak at an elevation of about 10900 feet. It is owned by the city of Colorado Springs. Met caretaker McReynolds and began plane table survey of the lake. Party O.E. Lelopanen, H. Taylor, R. Lind and R.E. Glover. REG 7-19-56

RH Taylor Jr

RF Lind REG Wednesday, July 18, 1956

Completed plane table map of reservoir No 5 and returned to Denver. Completed work at the lake at 5:54 PM. Rain and hail storm began as we were leaving. Arrived at Denver at about 10:00 PM REG 7-19-56


Book by Jakob, Goldschmitt and Partridge and by [blank space] and Spillhans returned to the Bureau of Reclamation Library by messenger today. The book on meteorological measurements by [blank space] and Spillhans was charged out to Walt Garstka. REG

Monday, July 23, 1956

Worked on Fountain Creek computations all day. (about one half day spent on these computations last week) REG

Wednesday, July 25, 1956

Two hours annual leave in the afternoon to see Modig and Warnick. REG Thursday, July 26, 1956

Mr and Mrs PTA Griffiths of Tasmania in this morning. Mr Griffiths is Head of the Hydraulic Unit of the Hydroelectric Commission of Tasmania. REG

Monday, July 30, 1956

Trip to Ft Collins to talk to Prof Dean Peterson. On leave all day. REG July 31, 1956 Wednesday, August 1, 1956

On annual leave 2 hr to talk to Walt Garstka about final closure for the AGU paper on Heated Precipitation Gage intake tube. REG 8-6-56

Friday, August 3, 1956

On annual leave all day to arrange for Carol to go to El Paso to attend her mother’s funeral. REG Aug 6 1956

Wednesday, August 8, 1956

On annual leave [illegible] REG Aug 20 1956 Thursday, August 9, 1956

On annual leave 8 hr REG Aug 20 56 Friday, August 10, 1956

On annual leave 8 hr REG Aug 20 56 Monday, August 13, 1956

On annual leave 8 hr REG 8-20-56 Tuesday, August 14, 1956

On annual leave 8 hr REG 8-20-56 Wednesday, August 15, 1956


On annual leave 8 hr REG 8-20-56 Thursday, August 16, 1956 On annual leave 8 hr REG 8-20-56 Friday, August 17, 1956

On annual leave 8 hr REG 8-20-56 Monday, August 20, 1956

Letter dated Aug 18 1956 transmitting memorandum to solicitor and license for patent 2540111 was sent to Poe and Goodman today. REG

Tuesday, August 21, 1956

Trip Allens Park with C.R. Daum to arrange for dispersion tests on the 400 foot flume. We should be ready to make tests by Friday morning. This will mean that we should be there by Thursday to get ready. REG

Thursday, August 23, 1956

Go to Rocky Mountain Hydraulic Laboratory, near Allens Park Colo to make dispersion tests on the 400 foot flume. Travelled to Gov’t car G1-618. Left at 8:25 AM and arrived about 12:30 (Mr Daum preceded me in a Gov’t Station Wagon) REG Aug 30 1956

Speedometer reading for car G1-618 8315 at Denver Federal Center. REG Aug 20 1956

Friday, August 24, 1956

Made tests No’s 1, 2, and 3 at about 1.5 foot depth and a flow of about 5.26 cubic feet per second. Messrs Posey, Powell and Theis were there.

REG Aug 30, 1956

Saturday, August 25, 1956

In the morning made tests at about 2.0 ft depth and with a flow of about 10.53 ft3/sec. Tests No’s 4, 5, 6, and 7 made. REG 8-30-56

Monday, August 27, 1956

Made tests No’s 8, 9, 10, and 11 at about 1 foot depth with about 1.567 cubic feet per second flow. Mesrs Theis, Pete Ellsworth, Posey, Powell, Daum, Glover and one boy from India were there. Tests completed by 11.15 AM. Left Allens Park to return to Denver at 1:00 PM. Arrived at Denver at 4:30 PM. Speedometer reading 8536.0

REG 8-30-56


Drove car G1-618 to Federal Center Speedometer reading at Federal Center 8547. On annual leave 2 hours in the afternoon. REG 8-30-56

Wednesday, August 29, 1956

On annual leave 8 hours. REG 8-30-56 Thursday, August 30, 1956

On annual leave 1 hour. REG Tuesday, September 4, 1956

Travelled by United Airlines and West Coast Airlines to Paseo Washington in company with Mr GE Harbeck Jr and from Limousine ($1.50). Took room 220 at the Desert Inn Hotel. Met with Messrs Theis and Newcomb in the evening in room 214. Showed Mr CV Theis the draft of the report on the Allens Park tests.

Compiled from notes dated Sept 5 1956 REG

Wednesday, September 5, 1956

Attended Seminar on waste disposal at G.E. offices. Met

Messrs Pearce, J.F. Honsted, D.W. Rhodes, V. Cooper, R.E. Brown, Paul Rocale of the GE Staff and

John Musser and Mr Rhynear of the AEC staff. Thursday, September 6, 1956

Attended seminar on waste disposal at the GE offices with Messrs Harbeck and Newcomb. Talked with Carl Zangar in the evening. (from notes dated Sept 8 1956 REG)

Friday, September 7, 1956

Tour of outfall areas and biological laboratories with Mr Englund of the AEC. Party Englund, Newcomb, CV Theis, GE Harbeck Jr, RE Glover. Talked to Drs Foster and Honneger of G.E. Returned to Richland about 4:00 PM. Left Richland for airport at 6:00 PM by Limousine ($1.50). Returned to Denver via West Coast Airlines to Pendleton Ore. and United Airlines to Denver. Arrived in Denver about 2:30 AM Saturday Sept 8 1956 on flight 614. (from notes dated Sept 10 1956 REG)

Saturday, September 8, 1956 See Sept 7 notes.

Taxi fare from airport to home in Denver $2.50 Monday, September 10, 1956


Tuesday, September 11, 1956

Began work at Colorado A [and] M college. Drove from Denver after voting and arrived at about 9:15 am. Talked with Mr Peterson and discussed the confused sea problem with Chamberlain. We then let a course of action. In the morning I searched for a room and took one at 311 South Meldrum. The peoples name is Bishop. REG Sept 12, 1956

Wednesday, September 12, 1956

Worked at the A [and] M College today, on the confused sea problem. Mr Chamberlain went to Denver. Met John Touhe (?) the janitor. Talked to Mr B Maitra from India about salinity propagation. REG Moved to Armstrong Hotel room 233 as Mrs Bishop had a sick child she had to take care of and needed the room. REG

Thursday, September 13, 1956

Worked at A [and] M College. REG 9-15-56 Friday, September 14, 1956

Worked at A [and] M College all day. Returned to Denver after 5 PM. REG 9-15-56 Monday, September 17, 1956

Worked all day at Bureau of Reclamation for Saline Water. REG 9-18-56 Tuesday, September 18, 1956

Worked all day at Bureau of Reclamation for Saline water. REG 9-20-56 Wednesday, September 19, 1956

Worked all day at Bureau of Reclamation for saline water. REG Thursday, September 20, 1956

Worked all day at Bureau of Reclamation for Office of Saline Water. REG Check from USGS for $149.82 dated Sept 20, 1956. REG

Friday, September 21, 1956

Worked all day at the Bureau of Reclamation for office of Saline water. REG 9-22-56 Sunday, September 23, 1956

Drove Ramp at Range Road to Colorado Springs with Carol. REG 9-24-56 Monday, September 24, 1956

Drove to Fort Collins in the morning. Worked at the A [and] M College all day Tuesday, September 25, 1956


Wednesday, September 26, 1956 Worked all day at Fort Collins. REG Call to Carol in the evening. REG 9-27-56 Thursday, September 27, 1956

Worked all day at Fort Collins REG Friday, September 28, 1956 Worked all day at Fort Collins. REG Monday, October 1, 1956

Worked 4 hours for Bureau of Reclamation and 4 hours for USGS Geochemical Exploration certain REG Tuesday, October 2, 1956

Worked 4 hours for Bureau of Reclamation. 4 hours for the USGS Geochemical Exploration section. REG Wednesday, October 3, 1956

Worked 8 hours at Bureau of Reclamation. REG Thursday, October 4, 1956

Worked all day at the Bureau of Reclamation. REG Friday, October 5, 1956

Worked all day at the Bureau of Reclamation. REG Saturday, October 6, 1956

Started for Ord Nebraska via Kansas. 10-9-50 Sunday, October 7, 1956

At Derby Kansas to see Robert and Virginia Glover and family. REG 10-9-56 Monday, October 8, 1956

At Ord Nebraska. REG Oct 11, 1956 Tuesday, October 9, 1956

Went to Burwell Nebr. to see Mr and Mrs Guy Laverty, with mother and Carol. REG Oct 11, 1956 Wednesday, October 10, 1956

Returned to Denver Colorado. Arrived at 3:15 PM. Called Bureau of Reclamation and USGS. REG Thursday, October 11, 1956


Drove to Ft Collins in the morning. Worked at A [and] M College all day. Room at Armstrong Hotel. REG 324

Note: Time is to be computed on the basis of a 44 hour week as they work a half day on Saturday. Adjustment of payments will be possible if I am unable to complete the full requirement each month. REG

Oct 13 1956

Friday, October 12, 1956

Worked all day at Ft Collins. Met President Morgan. Went to lunch with Barton. REG Oct 13 1956 Took oath of office administrator by Mr Nichols. Returned to Denver this evening. REG Oct 15, 1956 Saturday, October 13, 1956

In Denver Colo. REG Oct 15, 1956 Sunday, October 14, 1956 In Denver REG Oct 15 1956 Monday, October 15, 1956

Drove to Ft Collins in the morning worked at the A [and] M College all day. REG Tuesday, October 16, 1956

Worked all day at Colo A [and] M college. REG Wednesday, October 17, 1956

Worked all day at Colo A [and] M College. Drove to Denver in the evening. REG Oct 18, 1956 Thursday, October 18, 1956

Worked at USGS all day Gen Hydrology Div work. Turned in time cards to 20th listing two days at 8 hr for the pay period ending Oct 20. Returned Barlands micro file records to Schroeder in the morning. REG Friday, October 19, 1956

Worked at USGS all day Gen Hyd Div work. REG Oct 22, 1956 Monday, October 22, 1956

Returned to Fort Collins from Denver in the morning. Worked all day at the Colo A [and] M College REG Got car repaired at Oakes Garage. New radiator hose installed. Called Carol from Armstrong hotel Room 232 in the evening. REG

Tuesday, October 23, 1956

Worked all day at Colo A [and] M College Wednesday, October 24, 1956


Fingerprints taken by Wm Conlon at Ft Collins. Sheriffs office. Worked all day at the Colo A [and] M College. REG

Thursday, October 25, 1956

Worked all day at Colo A [and] M College. REG Oct 26 1956 Friday, October 26, 1956

Worked all day at Colo A [and] M College. REG Saturday, October 27, 1956

Worked Saturday morning to noon. Returned to Denver in the afternoon. REG Monday, October 29, 1956

Worked all day at Bureau of Reclamation Laboratories on Saline Water. Mr E Service was in to talk about developments. Report will be sent to Washington soon. He will get answers to some questions when he returns next Saturday Mr Howard was also present. REG

Tuesday, October 30, 1956

Worked all day at Bureau of Reclamation of saline water. REG Nov 1 1956 Wednesday, October 31, 1956

Went duck hunting with T Swain. Returned to Federal Center about 11:00 AM. Spent rest of day with USGS (count as 4 hours)

REG Nov 1 1956

Thursday, November 1, 1956

Worked all day at Bureau of Reclamation on Saline Water. REG Friday, November 2, 1956

Worked for Bureau of Reclamation in the morning (4 hours) on Glen Canyon Dam Job No 4-556-01-01. Cost Center 321 Concrete Dams section. Reviewed photoelastic work with Parmakian, Moody and Phillips and trial load studies with Ray Dexter and LR Scrivner.

In afternoon worked 4 hrs in Saline Water REG Nov 6 1956 Monday, November 5, 1956

Went hunting in the morning with Mr Sparks. Returned to Federal Center about 1:30 PM. Worked remainder of day for Bureau of Reclamation on saline water (count as 2 hours) REG

Tuesday, November 6, 1956

Worked all day at Bureau of Reclamation on Saline Water. REG Wednesday, November 7, 1956


Returned to Ft Collins in the morning and worked at the Colo A [and] M College all day. Snow all day today. REG Armstrong Hotel room 230

Thursday, November 8, 1956

Worked all day at Colo A [and] M college. REG Nov 9 1956 Friday, November 9, 1956

Worked all day at Colo A [and] M College. REG Saturday, November 10, 1956

Worked until noon at the A [and] M College and then drove to Denver. REG Nov 12, 1956 Sunday, November 11, 1956

Took bird photos with Ben Pfretzchner in the afternoon. REG Nov 1 1956 Monday, November 12, 1956

Drove to Ft Collins in the morning and worked all day at the Colo A [and] M College. REG Called Carol in the evening. REG

Called John Douglas in the evening REG Tuesday, November 13, 1956

Worked at Colo A [and] M College all day. REG Wednesday, November 14, 1956

Worked at Colo A [and] M College all day. REG Thursday, November 15, 1956

Security clearance papers signed with Schultz as witness, this morning. Met Captain Mason. Worked all day at Colo A [and] M College

Friday, November 16, 1956

Mr McDonald of the USGS Washington office in today. Worked all day at the Colo A [and] M College. REG

Mr Lipman in to talk about equipment. REG Nov 17 1956 Saturday, November 17, 1956

Messrs Williams and Ralston in to talk about electrical analog. Worked all morning at the Colo A [and] M college. REG

Monday, November 19, 1956

Worked all day at Bureau of Reclamation. Morning on Glen Canyon Dam - Afternoon on Saline Water - checked time with Dudgeon. REG


Tuesday, November 20, 1956

Worked 4 hr at Bureau of Reclamation in the morning on Glen Canyon Dam. In the afternoon worked 4 hr at the USGS. Gen Hyd Branch. REG

Wednesday, November 21, 1956

Worked 4 hours in the morning at the Bureau of Reclamation on Glen Canyon dam. Worked 4 hours in the afternoon at the USGS for Gen Hydrology. REG Nov 22 1956

Thursday, November 22, 1956 Holiday REG 11-23-56

Friday, November 23, 1956

Worked all day at the USGS Gen Hydrology work. REG Sunday, November 25, 1956

Returned to Ft Collins by bus arriving at 8:00 PM. REG Nov 26 1956 Monday, November 26, 1956

Worked all day at Colo A [and] M College. REG Tuesday, November 27, 1956

Worked all day at Colorado A [and] M College. Mr Daum up today to look at the wind tunnel. REG New experiment with impulsive pressure analog completed REG Nov 28 1956

Wednesday, November 28, 1956

Worked all day at the Colorado A [and] M College REG Thursday, November 29, 1956

Worked all day at Colo A [and] M College. Made second serves of analog tests today. Williams, Cape, and Glover. REG

Friday, November 30, 1956

Worked all day at Colo A [and] M College. REG Dec 3, 1956 Saturday, December 1, 1956

Worked in the morning for Colo A [and] M College. Returned to Denver in the afternoon by bus. REG Dec 3 1956

Monday, December 3, 1956

Worked all day at the Bureau of Reclamation on Glen Canyon dam. REG


Tuesday, December 4, 1956

Worked all day at the Bureau of Reclamation on Saline Water Job No 9-800-0-1-4 REG Wednesday, December 5, 1956

Worked all day at Bureau of Reclamation on Saline Water. REG Dec 6 1956

Brief conference in the morning with Puls, Rice, Moody, Dexter and Copen in Puls office on abutment treatment for Glen Canyon dam. REG Dec 6 1956

Thursday, December 6, 1956

Worked all day at the Bureau of Reclamation on Saline Water. REG Dec 6 1956 Friday, December 7, 1956

Worked in the morning for the Bureau of Reclamation on Glen Canyon Dam. In the afternoon worked for the USGS on the Fountain Creek memo. REG

Sunday, December 9, 1956

Made preliminary count in Deer Creek Area in preparation for the Christmas Bird Count with R Stone and Don McLean. REG Dec 10 1956

Returned to Fort Collins by bus in the evening. REG 12-10-56 Monday, December 10, 1956

Worked at Colorado A [and] M College all day. REG Tuesday, December 11, 1956

Worked all day at Colorado A [and] M College. REG Wednesday, December 12, 1956

Worked all day at Colorado A [and] M College. Conference with Schulz Thursday, December 13, 1956

Worked all day at Colo A [and] M College. REG

Conference with Dr Peterson, Churchill and Schulz. REG Friday, December 14, 1956

Worked all day at Colo A [and] M College. REG Supper with Dr Peterson and Mrs Peterson Saturday, December 15, 1956

Worked at Colo A [and] M College in the morning. Returned to Denver by Bus in the afternoon. REG Dec 18, 1956


Monday, December 17, 1956

Worked all day at the USGS on the Fountain report. (Ground Water) REG Dec 18 1956 Tuesday, December 18, 1956

Worked for the USGS in the morning on the Allens Park report. Gen Hydrology and for the Bureau of Reclamation in the afternoon 2 hr on Glen Canyon Dam 2 hr on Saline Water. REG

Wednesday, December 19, 1956

Worked 8 hours at USGS on fountain creek. REG Dec 21 1951 Thursday, December 20, 1956

Worked four hours for Bureau of Reclamation in the morning on Saline Water. Three hours in the afternoon at the USGS on General Hydrology. Conference in AM in Jim Richardson’s office on design of open-rotor still. Those present were Jim Richardson, WT Moran, Wm Wither and N Kohler. Details and purposes of design discussed. They will need about 45 man days to complete design and get drawings made for shop fabrication. (drawings will probably be ready about April 1) Badger reporter given to Kohler as a guide. It was explained to them that patent rights may be involved and that we have not yet got clarification of our relations with Badger or of the status of patent processing. REG

Friday, December 21, 1956

Worked 2 hr at USGS on general hydrology. 6 hours at bureau of reclamation on Glen Canyon. REG Monday, December 24, 1956 Holiday REG Dec 25 1956 Tuesday, December 25, 1956 Holiday REG 12-25-56 Wednesday, December 26, 1956

Worked all day at the Bureau of Reclamation on Glen Canyon dam. REG Thursday, December 27, 1956

Worked all day at the Bureau of Reclamation on the Glen Canyon dam. REG Friday, December 28, 1956

Worked all day at the USGS on general hydrology REG Monday, December 31, 1956


Memo for Next Year CR Daum 2112 Bluff Street Boulder Colorado Phone: Hillcrest - 2 - 1241 GE Harbeck Jr Project Hydrologist General Hydrology Branch US Geological Survey Phone 275 Bldg 25 Ensign Wm F Glover 68 Cervantes Blvd San Francisco, California Phone Walnut-1-4347 R. Morris Glover 1156 El Paso Derby Kansas Paul Spiess 906 Beverly Drive Alexandria Virginia

Wills T Moran, Chief Chemical Engineering Laboratory Branch Division of Engineering Laboratories

Bureau of Reclamation Denver Federal Center Building 56

Phone 344

Denver 2 Colorado Federal Civil Defense Ren F Reed Director Sherman-4-1811. Ext 263 Glen Canyon Dam. Job no 4-557-01-01-01 Cost Center 321 Concrete Dams Section



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