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NEW YORK (UPI)-A widely used food additive has produced brain damage in laboratory test animals, a research scientist said Thursday.

Dr. John Olney of St. Louis, appearing on NBC said he pr0-, duced brain lesions in a mouse

with the same dosage of mono-sodium glutamate which is being put into baby foods.

_J-"I've treated a number of species of experimental animals in the period of infancy, and I've found that every species I have studied is susceptible to brain damage from monosodium


tamate," Olney said.


research under a grant from The doctor, ,vho is doing thethe '

National Institute of Mental,

Health, said baby food compa-nies would be using "bad judg-1

ment" if they continue to use this substance without further research.

MSG Malcer



Rebuttal Time

SKOKIE, Ill. (AP) -The

na-tion's largest manufacturer of the food additive monosodium gh- · - ~te (MSG) as~:::d St:n-day for nationwide radio and tel-evision air time to defend the product against a recent govern-ment attack.

The safety E the k additive was questioned Wednesday by Winiston B. Raskin, deputy com-missi:mer of the Food and Drug Administration.

Ee said recent studies , · w

the chemical causes brain dam-age in infant mice when they are fed large doses of MSG.

In a telegram to the three ma-jor radio and television net-works Nelson C. White, presi-dent of International Minerals &

Chemical Corp., said that "no danger to the well being of hu-m ans has ever been evident in its use ·as a food flavor enhan-cer."




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