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Notee on Hymenoptera



l. Investigations of the bee-fauna in eouth-eaetern Sweden By means of a gr{nt of the Srvedish \alural Science Research Council I had an opportunitr of doing entomological investigations in easlern Scanin.

tslekinge and soulh-eastern Smriland durin6; July and towards lhe l0th ol

-{ugust, 1958. Partly, my investigations came lo inclu<Ie teritories in Scania.

rvhere Tjeder (195{) had nade invesligations of the insecl-fauna. In the first place I had in vierv lhe mnking of an iuventory of the fauna of \-ild apids. But mli colleclions also conlain species belongin€i to other groups among the aculcate hynrenopleras and the chrysids.

Orving lo my pernranent rvork the inyestigations could orrly take place

durinil the summer itnd consequentll- they onty include the species u'hich are flfing during lhe sumnrer. Onll- a few individuals of the spring-species

\\-ere c:lptured rvhen I came to south-eastern Scania after llidsunrmer.

For that reason lhe following list of species records even lhe names of species. \\'hich were cirptured during a short journey across lhe district in the middle of June. 1957. Only for these species the date is noted in lhe list.

Durilg lhis joumev several species rvere captured which rvere nol found irt renerved lisits on lhe localities in the summer of l9;8.

In spite of verv bad climalic conditions no less than il7 different localities

with yaried biotops have tleen investigated. The mnjority of these localities q'ere visiled on different occasions. Inside these regions it has been difficult to get hold of profitable localities. as rve here are dealing with a tvpical agri- cultuItrl district.

In the agricullural district of south-east Scania viz. Oslerlen seleral florter- ing fields of common purpel trefoil lTrifolium pratense) and rape (Brassicu rapus r'. oeliferus) $'ere invesligated, but neither hunrble-bees nor wild bec- species could be found. Instead I saw only honey bees (.{pis millifica), and those belonged to the hiyes which the farmers were obliged to put out nenr the clover fields in order lo gulranlee the fructification of the clover. ^{nd the bees rurd htunble-bees did not find their way to the rvild vegetation al- thoutih it contained such florvers as Yicia cracca, Lathl'rus pratensis, \{edi- caso frlcala and satira, Lolus corniculatus. Leontodon autumnulis. TaIa- cetum yulgare etc. The reason for the abscence of the insects in these agri- cultural districts is no doubl the consequence of the use of chemical insec- ticides in the fiiiht agrinst different norious insecls. IJecause of their use the

Enk'mol. Ts.,lro. El. Il. 3 1.





important humble-bees and the rvild bees are:rlmosl exlirpated. To lay dorvn the ditches and spray the roads with binding-mediums against dust are also contribulive reasons for lhe absence of these insects. There is a slriking contrasl belryecn the insect life in the agricultural districts and lhe more or

less intact sandy grounds along the coast.

It is unforlunate that an inyestigation of this group of insects should not have beeu made before the use of insecticides had rcceived such great pro- porlions. It rvould be of interest. however. to make an investigation of the early apid-species in order to get a conceplion of $'hether they have reduced in the same way .ls the species flf ing in the surnmer.

In corrrrection with the determination of lhe colleclions I receiyed assistance

from the follorving experls viz. P. Bliithgen lHalictus and solitary wasps), R. I')lfvinil tPro$opis). E. Kjellander l.Sp/recodes aDd partly Jndrena) and H. \\i)lf tthe group of .\ulrenu ntinutda)-'Io these geullemen I rvish conley my siuct'rest thanks.

I'he list of the species is arranged in accordrnce rvith Stoeckhert's "Farura Apoideorum Genrranine"



Concerning the names of lhe provinces the follorving abbreviations are used viz. Scania tSk), Blckinge tBl) and SmAland (Sm).

Fam. Colletidae Subfam. Collelfnae Colletes succincta L.

- Sk. N5sum d d; Baskemiilla 6 d.

- nt. Torhamn: Sand- hamn 96 i; Iiristianopel d d; Sibbaboda I d. .4.11 individuals yisiting Calluna r.ul- garis.

- C. tlaoiexurt Sm.

- Sk. Simrishamn 99 d d ; (Chrvsanthemum leucanthe- mum); R6ddinge i; Ystart dl Gisl6v d; Kivik 3 96..4.11 \,isiting llalricaria inodora;

yitemiilla, sandJ' ground 2 I 3 6; Bdckaskog, the grounds belonging to the demesne

of the CrorYn 6 (Tanacetum vulgare).

- Bl. Iiarlskrona d {Tanacetum tulgare);

Stilyesborg 21.6.1957 6 d (Chr1'santhemum leucanthemum cult.l. Snr. Bergkvara,

the harbour 2 9d (Tanacetum and llatricaria inodora).

- C. lodiens Geoff. - Sk.

Simlishamn d 2 ?; f item6lta ? 6 (In both locatities Chrtsanthemum leucanthemum cult.); Niisum, gravel-pit 96 (Tanacetum).

Sutrfam. Prosopinoe Prosopis gibb<t Saund.

- Sk. L6derup. the dunes ? (Geranium silvaticum): Sand- hammaren, the dunes d 6 (G. silvaticum



- P. confnsa \1'1.

- Sk. BosjOkloster, the old garden ? 1Th1-mus serpyllum); Sandhammaren, the dunes 6 d (G. silvaticum).

- Bl. Asp6 ? (Leontodon autumnalis).

- P. brcuicornis Nt'I.

- Sk. Sjiiho I

(Jasione) I Sandhammaren, the dunes d d (G. silvaticum): Ystad, sea-shore I (Jasione


- Bl. .{sp6 ?? (Crepis tectorum).

- Sm. Bergkvara, meadow near the harbour ? (\tatricaria inodora).

- P. pictipes Nvl. - Sk. \'ilem6tla, sea-shore 6 (Th. serp)'llum).

- Bl. Iiarlskrona d (Leontodon autumnalis).

- P. onnulata 1,. -

Sk. Sandhammaren, the dunes 99 (G. silraticum, Jasione).

- P. conmunis N1'1. -

Sk. \:illands-Yanga, garden I2{.6.1957 (Chr1'santhemum leucanthemum cult.); Sim- rishamn, several Qi (eegopodium podagraria, Potentilln reptans, Sedum album):

Vitem6lla, seYeral 9 6 iBcrleroa incana, Gtpsophila elegans); Kilik, sandl' ground ? (trIedicaBo falcata); ihus, sea-shore 9d6 (Hicracium umbellatum); Kristianstad, garden 3 ? 3 d (Tagetes).

- Bl. Karlskrona 9?66 lTanocetum):.\spii ? (Crepis

Entomol. Ts. -lrs.81. ll- 3-t,1W



,\-OTES O,\.' HI IIENOPTERA 125 tectorum); Olofstriim, market garden 99 (Anethum grateolens, llat caria inodora, 'fanacetum cult.l.

- P. angrrs,a,a Schenck.

- Sk. Sj6bo, sandi'ground Q; \'itenrtilla, sea-:hore (both caplured on Jasione); -lhus, sea-shore d (Hieracium umbellatuml.

- P. rrnnulori.s Kirbl'. Sk. Ystad, sea-shore I (Jasionel; Sinrrishamn ? (Potentilln reptans); Brantevik 99 lHieracium umbellatum): Sandhammaren, meado\y among the dunes near the lighthouse I (G. silvaticuml.

- P. hgalinata Sm. - Sk. Bosjii- kloster, the old garden 21.6.1957,6I2 6 (Thfnrus serpl'llum]; Simrishamn 8I

12 d (Jasione, Potentitla anserina, Sedum album): Liiderup, lhe dunes 2 ?d (Th.

serpl'llum); Girsnes, garden 3I2 d (Potentill{ fruticosa cult.): Vitem6lla, sea- shore and gnrdcns d l0 I (Berteroa, Gypsophila elegans); Branteyik I (Berterolt):

Kivik I (Medica8o sativai; Kristianstad, garden I (Potenriua fruticosa cult.)

- Ill.

Stilvesborg, garden I 23.6.1957 (Chrtsanthemum leucanthemum cult.); Karlskrona.

Tromtti 9d (Tanacelum yulgare)r Olofstrtim, garden 3 I (.\nethum graveolens,

]Iatriearia inodoru).

- Sm. Bergkvara, meado\\ near the harbour I (ll. inodora).

Fam. Andrenidae Subfam. .{ndreninae -lndtena cerbonutitr L.

- Sk. Gisl6v I (Chrl'santhemum leucanthemuml: Girs- nns ?9 (M. inodora); Villands-\:enga d 2-1.6.1s57 (Taraxacumt.

- -1. haeIa.ottho

Fabr. (:.rrbicans auct.). Simrishamn 4 I (Rosa rugosa); \'illands-Ytnga 6 21.6.


- .{. nigroaenea Kirbl'.

- Sk. Hilsingborg I 20.6.1957 (Rosa rugosa): Girs- nns ? (M. inodora); Simrishamn ? (Rosa rugosa).

- Bl. sdh'esborg ?9 1Ro.u r,,- gosa).

-..1. tunilis Imh.

- Sk. Baskemtilla 6, fl1-ing over Lotus corniculatus.

-1. bicolor FAbr. (:guryndno Kirbl'). -

- Sk. Niisum 9; Vitemtilla ? both individuals iisiting Campanula rotundifolia.

- -1. l.l,nlrenelkt) subopaco \yl.

- Sk. I-und, thc

hotanical garden 3 ?, 20.6.1957 (Potentilla fruticosa); Trollenes, castle-park 21.6.

1957 7 I (\'eronica chamaedrl's); f illands-Vlnga 99 zr.O.lsaz (Yeronica longifolia

cult. ).

- .{. sounderselln Perk. Helsingborg I 20.6. f 957 (Potentilla anserina i : Trolle- nis, castle-park Cd 21.6.1957 (\'eronica chamaedr!'s); \'illands-\'inga 9d 2r.6.

1957 (\'eronica longifolia cult.): I-isterum 9 (Campanula rotundifolia); Simrishamn I

(Potentilla reptans).

- -{. marginate Fabr.

- Sk. Sjtibo d (Knautia aryensisl.

- .1.

hotto',iana Fabr.

- Sk. Baskemiilla I 31.7.t957 {succisa pralensis l: \isum ?

(Knautia arvensis)-

- -1- jttcobi Perk. Simrishamn I 1Ro.a rugosa and bicolor). -

.1. chrgsopyga Schrenck.

- Sk. Baskemiilla 6 12 I 21.6.1957, onl!' yisiting Saro- thamnus scopariusl.

- 1. nig ceps Kirbl-. - Sk. Sjiibo 3 d { I (uatricaria ino-

dora); Simrishamn I (Campanuta rotundifolia): vitemtilla 3 I (Tanacetum sp.

cult.l; Brantevik d lSotiaago virgaurea).

- -1. luscipes Kirbl- - Sk. Nisum 3 d,

Bl. 'Iorhamn: Sandhamn 6 d ; Sibbaboda d ; Kristianopel d, In all locatities risiting Calluna rulgaris.

- A. denticulata lii[b1-.

- Sk. Nisuur Q lSotlaago Yirgaurea). -

-1. ba.bilabtis Xirbl- (:sericeo Christ., (lDicrus Kirby).

- Sk. Hilsingborg I 20.6.

1957 (Rosa rugosa)i Baskematlla I21.6.1957 (Sarothamnus scoparius).

- l. ll,il-

iell( Kirby.

- Sk. Hekingborg ? 2 d 20.6.1957; t,und, botanical garden 9d 90.6.

1957: Saxrorp 1 9 20.6.1957; Baskemtilla I 8 d 21.6.1957 and d 9.7.195E (in all

localities risiting Trifolium pratense and at Baskemdlla Lotus corniculatus lool:

Iillands-\'lnga 9? Zf.O.fS;Z (L. corniculatus).

- Bl. S6lyesborg 6 2r.6.1957 {Tri- folium repens).

- -1. gelriae v.d. \'echt.

- Sk. Saxtorp I zO.O.fg;Z; Haljarp I 20.6.

1957 (in both localities caplured on licia cracca); Sj6bo d 21.6-1957: Baskemiilla

E95 d 21.6.1957 (L. corniculatusr.

Enlomol. Ts- -iry.81- H- 3-1, lW



Subfam. Ponurginoe Panurgtts Donlsionus Xirb)'.

- Sk. Sj6bo 9? 2f.6.1957 fl]'ing and sitting at the entrance at the nest. At a later yisit (19.7.1958) only 2 6 d \rere captured on l.eon- todon aulumnalis. \isum 21.6.1957 99d 1H1-pochaeris radiata);

- Bl. S6lresborg

I23.6.1957 iH1'pochaeris radiata); Mj6ler!'d 5I and Tring 2 I 25.6.1957. In both localities the females rvere captured in the floNer-streNns of Ht"pochaeris radiata

\rhere thel' had taken shelter in consequence of the coldish and cloudy u'eather.

Torhamn 26,7,1557, 'l'he localit)'is situated about.l km north the church of Tor- hamn, It $'as a great occurrence of nests on ench side of the road.

- P. cqlcatatis


- Sk. Sjiibo a 6 (Leontodon autumnalisi; Nisum ? (Hieracium umbellatum).

- Bl. Stilvesborg 99 (Calendula officinalis).

Fam. Halictidae Subfam. ffnliclinne Halicttrs q udricincfrrs Fabr.

- Sk. Brantetik Ji (Berteroa incana); \ritem6lla 66 (Berteroal: Nisum 6 (Solidago virgaurea). Bl. Olofstrdm 69 1l{alricaria inodora, Solidago virgaurea).

- H. tuhicundus Christ.

- Sk. Villands-Vanga I 2{.6.

t957 (Taraxacum); Baskemdlla I 31.7.1957 (Solidago rirgaurea); Jarrestad d (flt-


- H. leucozonirr.s Schrank.

- Sk. Vik 99 (Cirsium arvense) ; Sj6bo I d 6 (Leon-

todon autumnalis); Simrishamn Q (Taraxacum); \'itemtilla 9d 6 (Berteroa incana).

- H. lcttiu?nttis Schenk.

- Bl. Olofstrom 6 (lI. inodora). - Ir. losciatur Nyl. -

Sk. Sjiibo ? (Leontodon autumnalis).

- H. leucopus Kirb]'. - Sk. L6derup, sea-

bathing ? (ltatricaria inod.rra); Simrishamn ? (Tararacum); Jarrestad ? (Sedum

spuriuml; Branteyik ?6 and Vitemiilla 9? (Berteroa incana).

- Bl. I(arlskrona

996d lttieraciIm umbellatum); Aspii 99 (Crepis tectorum); Olofstr6m 99 ([I.


- H. purtctori.ssimus Schenck.

- Bl. Otofstr6m I (\I. inodora). - fl.

morio Fabr.

- Sk. Jerrestad Q lseaum spurium); Listerum { ? lcentaurea sca- biosa).

- Bl. Karlskrona 7 I (Hieracium umbellatum); Asp6 Q (C. tectorum).

H. ct ceatus Scop. -

- Sk. Sj6bo d (Jasione); Nisum d (Solidago virgaurea).

- Bl.

Iiarlskrona C (s. r-irgaurea).

Sp/recode.s reticilatus lhms.

- Sk. Iiristianstad d 6 (!I. inodora). - Sph. monili-

cornis Kirbl'.

- Sk. Jerrestad d. - .Sptr. pellucidus Sm.

- Sk. Vitem6lla, several d 6

{Gl psophila elegans).

- Snr. Bergkvara { 6 (}tatricaria inodora).

- Sph, ephip- 2irrs L. (:diuisus Iiirbt'1.

- Sk. Saxtorp 99 tt.t.tS;Z (Calendula officinalis); Vite-

niilla d {Gt'psophila). - Spn. ,osci(tus \'. Ha8ens. - Sk. Brantevik i; Jirrestad 6 (tl. inodora): Vitemdlla 2 d (Gypsophila).

- Bl. Karlskrona dd (M. inodora).

Sph. crarsus Thms. -

- Sk. \ritemtilla 6 d (G)'psophila).

Subfam. Du/ouroinoe Dulourea ftolic,nld Nyl.

- Sk. Saxtorp, sandy ground near the church I4 6, Heljarp 96 20.6.1957; Nisum 96 2{.6.1957; Sj6bo 2r.6.1957. Ar m}' visit in Sj6bo

1957 it was a large numler of iodividuals both males and females but in 1958 (10.7)

onll- a fen' inditiduals sere observed.

- Bl, Tving d 3 25-6.fS57. In all localities visiting Jasione.

En,omol. Ts. -lrn- 8t- E.: l,1W


\O'I'ES ON HI \IE\OPTER.{ t21 Fam. Melittidae

Subfam. .iUelitlinae llelitta leporine Panz.

- Sk. Simrishamn 9 (Aster nolae-belgiaet 5 d; Vik 5 I 9 6: Jirrestad d; Sj6bo d; L6derup's sea-resort 3 6; Sr Olof dl Listerum 4 d:

Ystad sea-resort dl Vilem6lla 3 d:.{hus sea-resort t; Xivik 3 d; Bodum I 2 C.

- Bl. Sdlresborg 9d..ltt inditiaurls visiting ltedicago sativa.

- Jl. hoemorthoi- dalis Fa-br.

- Sk. Sj6bo Q (Campanula rotundifolia); Listerum 2 d (C. rapuncu-

toides); St. Olof I (C, rapunculoides); Ystad, sea-resort dd (C. rotundifoliali cisltty d (c. latifolia); \Iitemdtla, sea-shore d 3 I (c. rolundifolia); Kristianstad ?.

hidden in an infloruscence of Cichoria intybus in consequence of rainin8 \reather.

Nisum 99 (C. rotundifolia).

- Bl. Karlshamn I (C. rotundifolia).

- Sm. lialmar ?

(C. latifolia).

- M. tticinckt Kirbl' (:melonuro N1l.).

- Sk. L6derup, sea-resort d.

Subfam. Dasgpodinae Dasgpoda lirlipes Fabr. (:plumipes Panz.).

- Sk. Simrishamn 9; Vik d r Sand-

hammaren, near lhe lighthouse 3 d (Geranium silvaticum).

- Snr. Iiatmar d (I-eo-

todon autumnalis) .

- I).,ni d Rad. (:thomsoni Schlet.).

- Sk. Degeberga tQ

(I(nautia arvensis).

Subfam. llacropidinae Macropis labioto Fabr.

- Sk. Vik 9; St. Olof 9; Nisum I6; Bt. - Karlskrona ? A,ll individuals visiting Lysimachia vulgaris.

Fam. Megachilidae Subfam. -11egacft ilinae -{nlhidirrnui.rri.aran L.

- Sk. Simrishamn 9 6 (Ilarrubium vulgare); Girsn6s 6 (stachl's lanat{): Listerum d (Anchusa officinalis); Gisl6v ?9dd (St. tanatal:

Vitemttlla Qd (Larendula vera); Kivik 9 1L. vera); Iiristianstad ? (trtar. vulgare).

- Bl. Karlskrona d (St. palustris). Tving d; Olofstr6m 6 3 9 (St. lanata).

-1. punctatul,r. Lnlr. -

- Sk. Nisum 21.6.195? d (Lolus corniculalus); Simrishamn d {ffedicaBo satita); Baskem6lla 3 d 21.6.1957; Havnng d d. In consequence of the verl' strong $ind both males had laken shelter in the inflorescence of Centaurea jacea.

-1. punctetum f. ninus Ntl. (:,{. minas N1'1. 1848;.{. p. var. beguareti Alfk. 1926: -

,{. p. rar. s.recicum Alfk. 1927. See Popov l9{8).

- Sk. Nisum 2{.6.1957 I (l,otus

corniculatus); Simrishamn QQ llueaicago sativa); ltitem6lla I (ll. sativa).

Trachusa bgssino Panz. l:seftatuloe Panz.) - Sk. Simrishamn 9 (Medicago

sativa); Baskem6lla d ll,otus corniculatus); Eljeriid I (Anchusa officinalis); Ltide- rup, sea-resort 99dd (Il. sativa): Sjtibo 21.6.195? 99dd (Cl'noglossum vulgrrel.

Srelis ornotxro Klug.

- Sk. Simrishamn ? (Geranium pralense).

Dior,gs tti(lefileta Nl'l.

- Sk. Simrishamn, sea-shore 9: Lddcrup sea-resort 9.

Togelher \yith the host Jregacftire argentata yisiting Thymus serpJ'llum.

Heriades tntncorum L.

- Sk. Sjtibo I (Campanula rotundifolia): Sinrrishamn 99 (C. latifolia); f item6Ua 6 3 I (Tanacetum cutt.).

- Bl. Karlskrona Q (Tanacetum rulgare):.{.sp6 Q lHieracium umbellatum); C)lofstr6m, seteral 99 (Tanacetun cull.).

Cheloslomt nigricotne N1'1.

- Sk. Sartorp 6 6 20.6.1957 (Chrysanthemum leucan- themum) ; Trolleholm I Zt.O.IS;Z; I-jungbl- 92.6.1957 (Doronicum) ; \'illands-VAnga

Elrtonrcl. Ts..ltu- 8t.Il.3 l, tltN




1\- r: RLA"\- D SSO N

9 3 6 2{.6.195i (ChrJ'. leucanlhemum).

- C. llotisornne l-.

- Jiirrestad 3 6;

Sjdbo 9: r."slad, sea-resorl: Listerum 3 j; \'item6lla l9 lln all localities tisiting Canpanula rotundifolia).

- Bl. Karlskrona ?? 6 6 ota house-Nall.

Os,nia r l<! I..

- Sk. Simrishamn ?? 26.6.1958, several females lisiting thc flosers of Rosa rugosa and pimpinellifolia; Trolleholm I2f.6.f957, nest in an old house-

Nall. Iiristianstad I I 22.6.1957 (Echium yulgare).

- O- lulviD(nttis Panz. - Sk.

Sinrrish{mn 9 (.{nchusa officinalis). O. caerulescens L.

- Sk. Vitemdlla 9 (trI."ru- bium lulBarel Ahus sea-resorl 9. - O. leucomeltenn Kirb1.

- Sk. Niisum g 21.6.1957 (l-. cornicrlalus)i Riiddinge ?; Sandhammaren d (Geranium sitYaticum).

- Bl. Karlskrona I (Hieracium umbellatum).

)legachile (rnluncur(.is I-.

- Sk. Simrishamn I I (L. corniculatus, Lathyrus pratensis):.lerrestad 3I 1N.p"ta and.{ster sp.l; Yitem6lla ?; Kirik ?:.lhus sea- Iesort 9d. In these threc locatities visiting \ledicago salita.

-,1I. rrer.ricolor Sm.

v. tilrrrnicn l)crk.

- Sk. .{hus, sea-resort 3 ? (Lathl'rus pmtensis).

- )[- roillottgh- bi?It.r Ki[b!.

- Sk. Simrishamn 3I lAster chinensis, Campanula rotundifolia);

Sandhanrmarcn I (Geranium sittaticum); Geranls ? (l,atendula)i St. Olof ? (Cam-

panula rolundifolia); Baskemdlta 3 d 21.6.1957 (L. corniculatus); Vitemtilla 99 (Campanula rotundifotia); Trolleholm 3 d 2f.6.1957 (L. pratensis); Biickaskog 6.

- krgopotlu Bl, Torhanrn, l-. sandl ground near the church, 6 25.6.1957 (Vicia cracca). - M.

- Sk. Simrishamn, sea-resort several 96 Borrby: Itilarhusen 96;

f itemtilln 9 d : Iirislianstad ?. .A.tt localities risiting Centaurea scabiosfl. Hilsingborg

6 20.6.1957 (Cirsium lanceolatum).

- f,,. circumcincla tiirb)'.

- Sk. Hiiljarp I

20.6.1957 (\'ici. cracca); Trolleholm I 21.6.1957 (Lath1'rus pratensis).

- V. circrrn-

.in.t( K. /cnnic.r \iemeli.

- Baskemtilla 9? 21.6.1957 (I-. pratensis, Lotus corni- culrtus).

- Bl. Torhamn, sandy ground near lhe church I6 25.6.1957 (vicia cricca).

-.1I. nnolis -\..t-1. r. f.innem@ni Alfk.

- Sk. Baskemiilla 3 ? 21.6.1957 (Lotus cornicufntus): f it€mdlla I (Yicia cracca); Siurdshamn 3 ? (Larcndula).

- l!. argen-

,(.,a f'abr. Concerning the localities of this species see Erlaudsson (1960i.

(oelioryr quodridentete L.

- Sk. Simrishamn I {Chrlsanthemum leucanthe- mum); Nisum Q llotus corr culatusl.

- Bl. Torhamn, sandy ground near the chrrlch, 9 25.6.1957 (Yicia cracca).

- C. eleogata Lep. - Sk. Gisl6r d. flfing near

the Bround. - C. inermis l(irbl' (:ocuminato Nl'l.l

- Sk. Trolleholm d 6 zz.0.tg;z;

Saxlorp, sandl'ground near the church ? 2f.6.f957 (Vicia cracca)l Sinrrishamn 99;

Yik 9: l,iiderrrp. sea-resort 9. In all localities yisiting fledicago sativa. Jirrestad 9

(..Lster novae-lrelgia el,

- C. mit.nalibularis N1'1.

- Sk. Saxtorp 9 21.6.1957 in the

same locrlill as (-'. inernis (Vicia cracca); Kristianstad I 22.6.1957 (L. corniculatus) ;

Ltiderup, sen-resort ? d (Th1'mus serpl'ltum), in lhe same localit]' as the hort .lreg(-

thile ergefitetn. Sandhammaren, sel'eral 96, meado{ aDrong the dunes [ear lhe

lighthouse, rvhere lhe males and females rvere fll'ing togcther rrith .l/cgncftile orgen-

,clo visiling the flo$'ers of Geranium silyaticum. BaskeDriilla (l-. corniculatus); \'ite- miilla 6 l'I'hl'mus serptltum);

- Bl. Siitvesborg I2{.6,1957 (1,. corniculatus);

'Iorhanrn. sandt ground near the church I 25.6.195? (\'icia clacca),

Fam. Apidae Subfam.,4nthophorinae Nomada marshamella Kirby.

- Sk- SimrishaEn I (Taracacum).

- N. rulipes


- Sk. Nisum I (Calluna vulgaris); St. Olof 9 (Jasiona).

- N. ll@opicta Kirby.

- Sk. Vik, several males and females visiting the inflourescence of Cir-

Entotnol. Ts-.|tu.8t- H. X-r,196t)


NOTES ON HYIIE}{OPTERT r20 sium palustre. Simrishamn (C. palustre); St. Otof I (C. paluslris).

- Bl. Tling d


- Sm. Emmaboda I and Hagby d (Jasione).

Epeorius Lstr. Only a ferv specimens n'ere captured. The!' :rre being determined in conneclion $ith an inyesti8ation of all Ss'edish species.

Euceta longicornis I-.

- Sk. Baskemolla, several 9d 21.6.1957 and Simrishamn 295 d (Latht'rus pratensis).

Anthophotu quqdrimeculete Panz. {:oulpina Fa}r.) - Sk. Simrishamn 3 6;

Jerlestad 2 S; Gilrsnd,s d; Gisltiv j 3 Q; Borrbl'96; St. Olof Q; Vitsktivle 9;

Kristianstad 96 (all Nepeta); Vitem6lta ? 3 d (Lavenauta).

- Bt. Otofstriim 9 (Nepeta).

- .7- luceta Panz. - Sk. Simrish:rmn d and Gisliir' I (Anchusa offici-


- -l- lucate Panz. \..noruegica N1'1.

- Sk. Jirrestad I (.{. officinalis).

Bl. Olofstriim ! lNepeta). -

BomDxs lerrest.is L.

- Besides this species l-inn6' (1761) has described the allied species B. Iuco.um. These tNo species has partlJ' been regarded as different species

partll' B. lrrcorum as a subspecies or a race of B. terrestris. Fot that reason it is

necessarl' to nake a penetratinglt investigation of the complex of B. lerreslris coll.

in Srr-eden. Tlrerefor I \rill not Biye some localilies of the species.

- B. lapidtius L.

- sk. simrishamn 2 9 3 d (Lathl'rus pratensis and maritima, Trifolium pratense, h)'blidum, tepens, .{nchusa officinalis, \epeta, I-avendula); Sjtibo 99; Sandhanmaren 2 9; Yik 3 9; Having 9; Rdddinge Q; Ljungbl 9; Kristianstad 6: In all localitics

visiting Anchusa officinalis. Ahus, sea-resort 2 6 2I (trIedicago satiYa); Bodum 2 9:

Borrbl'; llilarhusen d: Iiirik 2 I (all Centaurea scabiosal;

- Bl. Sttlyesborg 9 (Rosa rugosa); ,{spd I (}tatricaria inodora): Torhamn: Sandhamn 3 ?, Sibl)abodr Q, Kristianopel d (all Calluna vulgaris).

- Emmaboda 9q (Aconitum napellus)r

Kalmar d ('Iageres).

- IJ, p.etorum L. - Sk. Sjobo ?6 and Sandhammaren d (.{nchusa officinalis) ; Viltands-VAnga ? lRubus idaeus); Kristianstad 2 d and Biicka- skog g (Tagctcs); ,lhus, sea-resorl 6 lltedicago saliva). - Bl. S6tvesborg 2 I 23.6.

1957 (Ribes grossularis).

- Sm. Hjorted 2 I 2f.6.1957 (Vicia silvatica); Iljiilerl'd

25.6.1957 9 (Rubus idaeus).

- B- ionetlns l(irby. - Sk. Vitenrtilla ?6 (TIrlnrt.

serpvllum): Simrishamn, sea-resort 6 (Centaurea scabiosa); .{hus, sea-resorl d (lledicago falcata).

- Bl. Torhamn, sand)- ground near the church I 25.6.1957 (Vicia


- I), hllpnorum L. - Sk. Hiilsingborg Q 20.6.1957 (llosa rugosa) ; Listelum

9 llathy|u. heterophyllus); Ystad, sea-resort 6 (Anchusa officinalis)l Yitemiilla I

(Lath1'rus pr{tensis); Iiivik g {Ll'cium barhalum). - B. .$oroe?nsis Fabr.

- Sk.

Vitemtilla, sea-rcsort 3 ? (Campanuta rotundifolia); St. Olof 2 I and I(ristianstad I

(C. latifolia).

-Bl. Sibbaboda 2I (Calluna vnlgaris\. B. hottorum L.-Sk.H:rring

2 9: Eljeriid 6; Rdddinge 9; Sj6bo 9: Simrishamn 9; Kilik 9: Krislianstad 9, all .{nchusa officinalis!

- Bl. Torhamn 9:;.;.tg;Z (.{nchusa officinalisl.

- B. horlotu]nt

L. v. nigrcsccns Schmdt.

- Sk. Biickaskog ? l.{conitum napellus ). - /}. sabaer.dnu.s L.

- Sk. Simrishamn I 1l-athyru. maritimus), 6 (Centaurea scabiosa): Rtiddinge d (,{nchusa officinatis): Yitemiilla 2 6 (fledicago falcata).

- B. dislinguend.r.$ trIor'.

Simrishamn 3 9 (Larhtr.us maritimus); \'ik f t Jiilreslad 2 9r Yitem6lla d (.Lnchusa


- BomDas ag.orum Fabr. ssp. brfcni Yogt. - Sk. Baskemtilla I 21.6.

1957; TrollenAs I2r.6.1957; Oppmanna-Stiderhl'9':+.o.rosz: \'ik ?; Eljeritd 3 9;

Riiddinge 9; Sjiibo 2 9; Sandhammaren ?: St. Otof 2 9; Iiirik 99; Ltiderup 9l -\hus 3 9; Vitem6tla 3 S; Kristianstad 4 q; Beckaskog 3 3. - Bl. Torhamn I f 9:l;.0.

1957; siilresborg I23.6.1957; Karlskrona 9. - s-. Emnraboda 9: Iialmar H. The

folloving florrers have been visited: Anchusa officinalis, D.rhlia yariabilis, Ncpeta sp., Cenlaureu scabiosa, ]Icdicago falcata and s:rtira, f,ath]rus pratensis and mari- tima, Tagetcs sp., Telecia s1>eciosa, Trifolium pratense and repens, \'icia cracca.

Enlomol. Ts. irc.81- H- 31.196d -



B. mrscorum l'abr.

- Sk. Saxlorp ? 20.6.1957 (Lathtrus pratensis); Borrbt: Melar- husen 3 ? (Centaurea scabiosa); Vitemiilla 2 g (Anchusa officinalis); Liiderup 3I

(S)-mphl'tum officinale); .lhus sea-resort 4 $: Kristianstad Z 6 3 9; Bickaskog $.

all lledicago sativa.

- B. siluo..rm L. - Sk. NAsum g 21.6.1957 (Lotus corniculatus);

liivik 2 I (\epelai: Haveng I {Anchusa officinalis); Listerum 3 I (Centaurea sca- biosa); vitemiilla 3I (Lathyrus pralensis, Vicia cracca): Beckaskog 2I (Dahlia


- Bl. Siilvesborg I 23.6.1957 (Rosa rugosa).

- Bombns siluaruar I-. var.

nigrescens P6rez.

- Sk. Baskem6lla 2 q 21.6.19i7; Saxtorp I 20,6.1957; Hilsingborg g 20.6.1957: L6derup, sea-resort 9: Sandhamnraren 9; Borrbl: llilarhusen 9: Liste- rum 9; Kristianstad q.

- Bl. Solvesborg 3 H 23.6-1957. This rariett has been cap- tured on the folloNing florvers: Anchusa officinalis, Anlhyllis vulneraria, Centaurea scabiosa, Sarothamnus scoparius, Sl'mph!'tum officinale, l'rifolium pratense and repens.

- B. equestris Fa-br. - Sk. Saxtorp, sandJ' ground near the church, H 20.6.

1957 (\'icia cracca); Listerum I (Centaurea scabiosa).

- B. ruderarius ltiill. Sk.

Simrishamn d (\'icia cracca); Yik ? (-{.nchusa officinalisi; Beckaskog I (}-epeta).

- Bl. Stilvesborg 23.6.1957 I (Lathlrus pratensis).

P.sithgrus .rrl.,cst.ir Fabr.

- Simrishamn $ 5 Q llathyrus maritimus, Centaurea scabiosat; Ltiderup I (Sl'mph)'tum officinatis): Borrby: Milarhusen 3 ? (Centaurea

scabiosal: Kivik d (I-ayendula).

- Ps. barbutellus Kirb-r...

- Simrishamn ? 2 6

(Lathyrus maritimus): Baskemdlla ? 21.6.1957 (Lathl'rus pratensis, .{nth3'llis rulne- raria); Sj6bo 6: Kilik3 d; Kristianstad {; Bl. }iarlshamn 2 d and liarlskrona 6 (Centaures scabiosa).


ERLANDSSo\. S. 1960. The occurrence of Negachile argenlato F. and rorundalo F. in lhe Scandinayian countries. (H)rm.). EDt. Tidskr. El.

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