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-MRS. GEORGE E. BUSS Boonville

Oneida County, New York

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, ·· ·This is n copy of the diary kept by Amelio Butts Buss (Mrs. George Buss) in 1866-67, of her journey west ond their first year in Fort Collins1 Colorado. Vorah

Ot" Vo.tie as she was oolled, was their 8 year old daughter. · The a in V.ntie is

pro-nounced like the a in Mny.

Amelia mentions her four sisters1 Ann ( Hannah ), Lydia ( my r.rnndrnother )1

Grnoe ( Arthur Bates' rrandlilot 1er) 1 and Sarah. She doeR not mention a brother Otis.

Arthur B~tes of Florida, kindly loaned me a typed copy of this diary, but the

original diary he keeps in a safa deposit box in the bank. Apparently the blank diary was given to Amelia when she left her home in Boonville1


1 and she

return-ed it to her siste.rs after sha hod finishreturn-ed it. Arthur Bates' e:rondmother had it, then his mother hnd it, and than his mother passed it on to him.

They traveled by train to. St. Joseph, Miasouri, ·then boarded a river steamer and went up stream to Nebraska. City, Nebraska. From there they traveled 31 dnys by covered waeon, to Fort Collins, Colorado.

In one place she wr~tas1 n Today another wnrgon joined us and now there is

five in all". At another time she writes, n I rum all the woman there is in this big train".

While they had no serious trouble with the Indians on their journey or the first yeor in their home in the west, they did hove some interesting experiences with them.

Aponrently her husband had been to Fort Collins, bou~ht this log cabin some

one else had built, put in crops of oorn and potatoes, and then went bnok east to get Amelia and Vatie.

Arthur Bntes writes thot the spellinr. and punctuation are exactly as she wrote it end I have copied it the a~me woy.








- -.





Utica Aug. 15th 66

Arrived here safe & while I am waiting for the train west I pen this -- we found it best to wait till four


We all had a warm dinner & Vatie said tell aunt Grace what a good dinner we had but I think she did not eat one dollars worth. she is now amusing her self playing the piano but we are soon to go west.

Missigan Aug. 16th Last night we crossed the suspension bridge at Niagra but it being in the even-ing we could not see muoh of it. This morneven-ing we saw lake Chamolion


we crossed over at Detroit on a ferry. -~.-e were 15 minutes going over. Vatie c,;, myself stood out to see all we could. the water was a lite green color.

Aug. 17th Have had a pleasant time saw lake !V~ssigan just ot night got into Chichago in

the evening took a sleeping car


found it nice as any parlor had a good Eights rest


felt very much rested took our own breakfast ~ btaid in t~e same oar till


St. Joe Aug. 18th We came on board the steam boat Denver this afternoon and it has been very warm but now the sun is down


its 1elightfully cool the moon is shining all is quiet. We all went up on the hurry cain deck


I could not keep thinking of all of my friends


wishing they could ell be there for a short time. Mailed a letter home today.

Missury river Aug.l9th This is the sabbath dey but it don't seem like it. there is quite a number of passingers on board


the cabin


state rooms are so warm they are on deck & there is no comfortable place to be e lone


we are obli yed to hear ell kinds of talk none of them seem religious. Today Vatie is 8 years old.


I 'f'trp'" • • ,.. fl ~~d .. .,, ... I



. • v Aug. 20th

We arrived today at 11 A.M. o'clock in Nebrnskey City. there is some fine build-ing here and business seems to be very lively. I rum now in ~v room up three flite

, of stairs & I have a good view of the place from t he other sirle of the house. the Missoury is in plain sight. funny of the buildi n~s are of brick. I like i t here •

Neb City Aug. 21st

I have a hard cold and am just about sick


some home sick. The sight of so many dirty returning emigrants has had much to do with the later sickness. Then I have been a stranger in a strange place. I am anxious to once more be in my own home •

Neb City Seymour ' rlouse Aug. 22nd

It is just one week since we left home and it seems to rna a month insted. I

woke up this morning and it was raining hard. I fear we shall not get away unless it stops. it is chilly and with my cold I feel it very much. Vatie is not feeling

well I fear she will be sick. Mailed a letter to Ann today.

Aug. 23rd four miles out of the city we left there. yesterday


came here to wait for a


King that is going to Montana. last night we slept in our waggon or rather staid. I felt to much afraid to sleep although we were close by a house still we wer in the road


it was very new to me but nothing disturbed us. we had the same kind protector there.


· '


' · .. . .. .


_· .. ·_, ... ,. • ,, I • I ,. , ,,.

. ..

·~ ... ' ; ~ l :-~ I


I I i I I








Aug. 24th We are still in this place Vntia is real sick with dia.reo.h I feel vary anxious about her it is well we hnd to wait for she could not hnva stood the ride. I hove been weshing some of my things ~ I found it very tirdsome bending eo low. Vatie

is some better tonif'.ht. I am very tired but most wall.

Aug. 25th We left Nebraska at 7 this morning


now I am writing while the man hitch up the teems. we did not have any wood ~we took a oold dinner but hunger is a good sauce ~ mine relished if it was nothing but bread ~ butter raw tomDtoes


oold tea Vatie

is quite like herself but siok of the waggon the first nalf day.

Aug. 26th

35 miles out This is the sabbath but nothing here makes it seem so we would have staid over but the company go so we would be left a lone ~ now while I write


think of the


sabbath school as they ere now assembled for worship " praise my heart is there-if I am not. it has been cold


have worn a !Eick shawl all the forenoon.

Aug. 27th

55 miles out. this is a warm pleasant do.y. we have had a long morning stoped by a miserable looking log hut just high anough for a man to stand up in I hear ]~~now for the first time in ~v life Vati e is not well yet but drives the hor!!! soma she enjoys that. I am not in love with any of thi~ country ~o wood


not muoh


·-•·alnut Creek Aug. 28th lie are waiting for a cattle train to get over the bridge this is quite a


---~ltllii!!IM"....-...--- ·- ~--- - -- -- --






t I







i I I







ant place · there is a few trees here -- last night we had not been in park but a

few moments when four Indians crume there they wanted something to eat


then they were going to lay down by


we ggon


Geo. told them we did not want them there.

Aug. 29th This has been a very windy day the dust blew vary much but the most of the time it blew at our side ~ took the dust ewey at noon wa had four more Indinn~ to

see us they wanted dinner~ matches. one of them was a squaw. one of the man

want-ed Vatie for his ~E.!: he bid us good by when he left us this is a t~rible night


I feel tired


sick of such fusi~~s I feil to see any thing desirab]~ in such travling it is hurry u~ in the morning


get a hasty breakfast & have n cold lunch

for dinner &: at night get supper


bake breod


not get through till

9. Am I

un-grateful if I ~ complain some times

Aug. 30th


other day is gon


we ere one the nearer to our home. it has been pleasant but this afternoon a part of the time we face.d the wind &.- the dust from the other

teems was terible. This morning we met e train comeing from Celiforny there wes 7

waggons & soma 50 horses. the children looked dirty ~ ragged but seemed to enjoy

them salves they war running a long among the teems. this afternoon met a big ox train soma




such a oloud of dust


navar was in before we are parked tonight beside the Platt river


now we shall have plenty of water. G. is out watch-ing the etook till 12 then he will be releived. it thunders ~ raines a little Vatie

& I are a lone

Aug. 31st There has not been ~nything of importance taken place today. but it has been the snme dull tiresome travling &· it wos so late I could not make any bread for an other d~y. today an other wAggon joined us now there is five in all. it has been a

nice dey to travel but windy tonight


( <


-I ; ,. I - ' I t 1; j ! ··J '1 .. ~ ,, •· ... l









Sept. 1st 66 Saturday night. we are within 5 miles of Fort Kearny got here at noon. Geo. went up to the post office but there was no letters for us I felt very much dis~~

poi~ted. We are waiting for more men Last night it rained very hard but we did not get wet. it has been a little muddy todoy & is quite cool tonight

Sept. 2nd This has been the sabbath ~ we have not traveled ~ I hove wiohed rnnny times we were on the move for the day would have been more quiate we have been obliged to hear all sorts of tPlk ~ swearing it wcs oold ond rnined this morning but has been

very warm this afternoon 0.· plenty of misqu!3~_9_e~ to night (IS usual.

Sept. 3rd Monday we started ~gain at noon for our onward march.I made two batches of



roasted coffee this fore noon. Mailed a latter to Lydia at Kearny Village

2 miles above the Fort. did not get any letter today It thunders


lightens very hard G. is on guard egoin tonight it makes my head ache to ride so much

Sept. 4th It rained very hard last night and was very cold this morning. I wore my shawl end gloves all the forenoon it wes very w~rm this r:-fternoon nnd mud~ I never saw

such lightning as we hod last night nor such n glorious sun set The Plott was a mila wide there


there is some of the hondsomest isl ands-in this river I aver saw

Sept. 5th This has been a cold day I hove worn my showl ~ hod a ar.my blanket over me.



--~--- -- - ·

- -

·-·- -·-··

- ---·-·-

. -- --~·

- --



- ·

I ' \ ... '.:


_ .. # _ ___ _ - - --~-- * - -:---.::,.::,__--: ;;-__ .. --.o-.-- -·--·---~· ·- .

in the afternoon it r~ined. We went out without eny breakfast rood till 10 then

stoped till 3 that is our cDptoi~_ way but we do not like it. it was almost dark

) when we parked


it rained G. ~ot supper end we took it in the waggon





Sept. 6th This was a cool forenoon. I l~id down ~ snoosed some till 9 when we stopped

for our breakfast ~ dinner in one meal this morning we passed 4 ox trnins going

west in less then two miles bus · ness is lively but how naw to me. V•e met the stoge going east this eftarnoon ~ o little child wDs looking out his face wos oll sun

burnt but he wil l get browner before 300 miles more ore gone





! I



Sept. 7th We have not been but 10 miles this dPy one of the men broke down


the train had to wait the rest of tha day. I get along very well when we are moving on as fast as we can but now nothing to do


no compnny I feel very lonesome


all most home sick yesterday G. met some of his 21st men


it seemed pleasant for him to meet old friends but all ore strangers to me.

Sept. 8th


We left camp a little after dny light ~ passed through Cottc~ood. I was disap-pointed in not getting a letter. I feel almost forgotten by my-rriands the wind has blown a gail the dirt flew like snow


wns very discgraable to face. we took our dinner in the woggon on oooount of the sto-rms. The blufs on our left are a grand sight but there is nothing on them but grass that is faded.






Sept. 9th - This is the sabbath we are traveling it is muoh quieter for me but very











----..-...! ---




·_---·~-~~- -~-~~-

----·--·# _____

- ---~·

--··-·---=---~--.-~----.-· --~-____...---- ... -_I'



-..._-=---~·- --.::



.. ...:;. ...


---f .• ~ I t



f I


l i






ferent from former sabbaths the wind blew all night a perfect gale


made me long for the morning but the wind


sand are terible to endure today. it seemed to me my . eyes would be put out when I was getting o·ur dinner my bread wos well papered with

grit. I rum all the womon there is in this big train

---we met n government train


elsa a mule train there wos 200 woggons in all of them we did not park until nearly dark


it blew a gail & ~nined. I cooked my



tea with Emerson


we eat it in the wagon. it was G. turn to go on guard but his rheumatism would not admit of it he offered Emerson one dollar to go in his place he went but refused any pay.

Sept. lOth This is a cold rainy morning but it don't ~ffeot me now that we don't have but

two meals a day it ~lenred up before we parked for our first mc~l which was n bout

9 A.M. I hod a nice time mnking bread


wnshing my dishes


a few towe~a It hos been warm this afternoon & I sat out with G. we met a Californian train I thought the women and children were fortunate in going east we came close to the Platt this afternoon & it was a bentiful sight so many Islands some larga


manv small ones we say we follow the Platt 6.: so we do but soi'S time.s we are several ~lea a way &

do not see it in all day. Votie has been singing some of our old sabbath hymns


it seemed .good to hear -- once more amid so much cursing.

Sept.llth This hos been n pleasant day. we hove very cool nights and mornings there has nothing new token place this dny but has been the snme dul roteen of travling meet-ing returnmeet-ing trains. we saw some 200 this day but there is but little satisfaction in seeing dirty ro·gged men & hearing them crack there big whips over the poor oxens

beck till great ridges raise up. there has been cue~~- or prickly ~r all e. long the road today the buds on them are ~ood to e~t & some make pies of them they are

a bout the si%e of a butternut


hove o pleas&nt sour test. I nove just been startl-ed by the sound of a pistol


a call for help. it proved to be man trying to steel . horses they got a way without being injured or getting any of our horses & mules.







... .._...,..




- ---

··- -



"-- ··- - --·----

.. .



I . i ;,"


f ! .' ·._•. ~-t:'h l



t ..




r --~···~-~~--- ... ·-· _.,. ·- -- .. -4--~ -~-:.---- -~ Sept. 12 This hns been n very wnr.m day lust night tha horse thieves tried hard to get some of our stock the guard fired on them ~ they left. we ranched Juelsburg just

ut night & ore parked a short distonce from the town it is a smnll place there is not more thAn a dozen houses . & three stores & a billerd saloon they ore all new it wns burnt by the Indians two years ago it is just a bout the division between Nebraska


Colerado the town is in the former pl~oe. we met a train


Rooky moun-tain people there going east there was several fnmilys a long & small children. we are now 400 miles out. I wrote a letter to Grsce tonight.

Sept. 13th Another fine day this morni ng we went pnst Ft. Seograve 4 miles from Juelsburg it is much larger than the later place the buildings nre all government· property. I never SBW so much ~rain ~s there wos in sacks outdoors covered with o~nvoss •

besides two long barnes full some of the buildings are built of wood &: some of t hem

are doby or sod plastered on the out side

Sept. 14th The wind oomenoed blowing a bout


oolock. this morning


it wes so strong


could not go near the f~re the flames spreod out so far there wns danger of

get-ting on fire G. fixed the met:'t for breekfFlst He have had hara sandy roads for 2

or 3 days we are now trnvling where thare is no trees but it is not so dreary to

me flS it was in Nebraska there we could see so far~ nothing but sky and grass.

here most of the way it is a narrow strip of l and witi1 the river ~ its beoutiful

islands some of them are quite large others don't look larger than a f oot stool

there is no trees on them. aome have willows others tall grass ~ all of them of a

rich green here the bluffs all add muoh to the scenery






'~-- ---· ...---~- .. .. -

·- .



·--r----.., ~~----~--- - -·-- ~---~..__-. . 1 l J


... ----..··-· -··'-·· ... ... Sept. 15 This morning we met o. train of 18 wagg:ons they were dre.wn by six mules to n woggon they was loaded with shingles ~wood which coma from the mountains




going to Juelsburg


last year the latter brought ~125.00 a cord only think of

1 such a price for one cord of pine wood it was a nice train the mules were all fat

{ the waggons


harnesses new. I fride some cakes for our dinner then went to the

1 river


done some washing. We have had hard roads today one place of half a mile

( the sand was sodded


it was a nice road but the first house we came to n mnn cnme

f out &: took one dollar for every waggon. he will soon have to bui1d on other house

{ to hold his money ot that rote



Sept. 16th Godfrey's station Sabbath evening we have been travling to day &. I hope it

is the last sundny we shall be out. it has been a quiet day considering all things this morning the teems had to double to get up a sand hill but us Vatie and I wa l k-ed up the wind has been cold


not ·very comfortable to rid this is my ·32nd birth-day we past by just at night the graves of eleven men that were killed by the in-dians 2 or three years n go. we are now following the south fork of the Platt riv-er we have been cheriv-ered all the way by the si ght of the telegraph P?les


most every day the stage. met a big train of returning people going to the states this

o.!'te moon.

----Sept. 17th Two miles from Ft. MOrgen we have camped here for the night the wind is co l d

& it makes me long for a better shelter. there is soma pleasure in such a trip but the hardships and inconveniences are so great they more than double the former I hnve not ns yet seen any thing so very charming but have seen a rattle snake today with 7 rattles on his tail that ronde him us many ·years old Emerson killed-him G. killed one some days ago with two ~ a button I am not feeling wel to night


a good deal blue as ·G. intends to leave the train in the morning


go a shorter route it he oan get a pass I am so a fraid of indians I oan not bear to go.







.. I . ... ' ~ J '·· . '


··;{ '·· -· j i , I f , ·" ~ : .


. . '7 ~ . . I •; ., - '. { ..

-• l t










- --

----~---.... Sopt. 18th 23 miles west of Ft. Morg~n we left the train at 7 oclock this morning & have

been trovling a lone & nothing has harmed us but I have suffered very much from

fear. we have not passed but two houses since we left the troin ~ the road has

been a very lonely one. mr.ny placas we could not see for on account of the high bluffs. one especially called Fremont's orchard they were very high


but a nar-row strip of land between them ond the-river. there is now some dozen cotton wood trees standing in the plocA ~ it is an P.wful place in cose of on otnckt from indians

or anyone. the road hns been nesr or whflt is called tiu3 river rood but sometimes it goes over the bluffs then it is sandy & hard. I saw some prarie dogs ~ ground

owles this afternoon they And rattle snakes all live in the some holes together This is a terible night to me we are out -a.ll a lone &: it raines. G. is guarding

his horses close by the waggon we met a big ox train ~ a Californy one this

morn-ing the later had several fomilys a long they will have some 3000 miles by the time they reaoh the states by waggon

· Sept. 19th It commenced to rain lnst night just after we camped & it was a very wet night G. was out all night guarding the horses. we started on our journey at 10


it kept raining all the time but our horses wer very cold ~ we could not mnke a fire

every thing was so wet


we war 10 miles from a house. we had not gon far when the rain turned to snow


it kept it up nearly all day. when we got to the first house the stables wer so poor we drove on 12 miles further & it wns a cold tedious ride for us all. we had not had but very little to eot


thct was cold so we bought our supper


had our team put in the ·barn nnd fed hay but slept in one wagon


had to pay ~3.00 for it they offered us the bnr room but there was no floor in it ~ it le~ked at that we thought our wagon a better place if it was soma

wet I saw 2 prairie wolves this morning & ~ Jack rabit they are a curious little

animal we mat just o~agon this day. I have not suffered any fear today the storm has taken my mind from that. it is 29 deys since we have been in a house;. and it is not much better than none.




--~~-- ..


... ---~---....__. __ -·

Sept. 20th We rested very wall l~st night it froze quite hord we sow the mountains this morning for the first time they were covered with snow ~ to me it was a frond

sight we road 7 miles then we stoped to r. house ~ I went in ~ made some buiscuit

l: got our breakfast~ hnd to pay 50¢ for the privila ~;e. we crossed the Platt a

bout noon hrd no trouble but the water came in our wagon some it was a great releif to me to be safely over but I could not look out it made me so dizy we forded the CoshlE'ssonder in the afternoon 6: found the Wflter deeper in thct than in the Platt

but not so wide. we ore now within 7 miles of our home but it is sundown " the teem is tired we ore on ~r. ••hitney's form ~ close to his house. had a cold bis• ouit


nothing more for our supper a bout 9 oolook

Sept. 21st This morning


vwhitney came out


invited us in to breakfast I found Mrs.W.

a very pleasant woman we had a nice ma~l they gave us two large squashes ~ two

nice pumkins ~ Vatie two little kittens. we left there feeling very kindly toard

them we arrived ct our place a bout 11 oclook A.M.


found everythin l ooking very bod one window every light was broken out


the lower sash broken


spoiled in the other the family got their things out in two hours. I did not get out of the wagon till they left the house & when I went in such u si ght it sickened me but

every thing but the windows looked Ps I imagined it would before ~ I was not in

Mrs. Jones hoped hapily disopointed but here I. om


now must clean ~ work 6: all

woys be over run with bugs


dirt. A neighbor brought soma c~a~. ~ gave to us.

Sept. 22nd

Y~e all camped down on the floor (\ slept sollle. we wer up early this morning

on packing. some of my dishes were broken. we hav~ all worked hard G. hns baen

repairing the windows. VEltie has been e good daAl of i1alp but :!~a has made me feel

bad many times~y-asking for such things as I could not give har. I find it very hard to ~o to work after my journey. I need rest but there is none in this world

for me.




I . / ; j. ~

- -


______ _

"'--- ,.., -~_....:r,. .,,a_ ... . .e<4o.l •~IW -._.. _____________ _ Sept. 23rd This is the sabbath ~ our first one I hove not kapt it ns strictly as I aught

but neoesity has forced me to work some G. went to the office this noon ~ came

back with no letter but two of our Evengelist it don me good to get them but I wns

sadly disepointed in not yet getting ~ny news from home. I have looked at my albums

but none of them speak to me ~ it only agrivntes

me-.---Sept. 26th I hove written a letter to s~rah todny to let them know of our sBfe errivol at

this ploce. Francis brant is hare helping G. cut some hay os not o spear of it was out. much of it has bean fed off ~ the frost has injured it but the horses

must hnve something in stormy weather every thing is in e sad condition the corn all distroyed by cottle. not e stalk left.

Sept. 27th I have been woshing todoy


~ very tired but hnd something very aggraeable before


got through in the shape of o letter from sister


~ it don me so much

good to hear from homa onoe mpre I was not long in finding out its contence-aruf

ag~reeably surprised to find ·aunt Merys ~ Agu~tas picture in the letter if they

did not spank to me I oan look at them

Sept. 30th

An other ~ we are all well Lieut Mcnderville called here this morning ~ he

brought rna sister Anna first letter I feared I should not get it how good to hear a gain so soon. Just at night Mrs. Sherwood called on me she said " I really pity you in oomeing here '' it was a comfort to feel I had the sympathy of even a strang-er.

LL1~ ~T



'I ) ..



) ! .. J _'-....l ~I (_ ..__ : .' . r J

.__, ,.: ! ,I I • ...; .- ~ •. - . ....

-:.,. ·' ' r ' .. \..I


~ ---'-,;.- ---~-~--...-...--~.

Oct. 14th Sabbath day I have enjoyed this one better than any since I left home I hove been very much interested in my Bible dictionnry ~ shall derive much knowledge

from it in the future George is 37 ye~rs old this day ~ we thought wa would have

a treat for dinner it was dride npple souoe on our bread ~ ginger cake for desert.

Oat. 15th It rained a little last night for the first time since I came here & this morn-ing the ground was white with snow the gabe l ands of our house ore not bc.ttened ~

the snow blew in so muoh I thought I would stop tha holes up & took cold in my teeth


they ache very muoh. G. hos t~ken one of our fOOds boxes today · made me

o smnll cubbord for my dishes but there is no door to it.

Oot~ 19th

I have had the teeth ache every dny this week till this () now they o.re very sonr. Mrs. Arthur came ~ spent the afternoon I f ound her sooi nl but soma how I

felt more


sick after she went o way than I did before she cnme. she l aughe~

at me for being homesick ~ - said I had better go round & see my neighbors how they

lived & I would come home satisfide. It is no comfort to me to be told I have things as ~ood as any one around me & I wish I could fael contented. I cnn not

tell anyone how I feel I some times fear my health will fail if I do not soon feel better. I feel the want of sympathy very much.

Oct. 21st Sabbath day I have been writing to sisters Ann


Grace. I received letters from them last friday night u. how it carried me back to them <: how it made me long

for an interview with them. They mny think my letters 0re gloomy but I put the best side out. if I had told them just how I felt they too would have been~·



··--. --

---~--Oct. 23rd I have don a two weeks washing toduy t nm very tired did not get through early

enough to cleo.n the floor. my honds o.re crocked ond ci1aped ye~terday G. went to

the mountains Vatie L myself are very lonly when he is gon all day & I shall be glnd when he gets ell of his logs down.

Oct. 24th I have cleaned my floor


ironed my clothes. a bout noon two squaws came I went to the door just as they cnme up. I thought I would not hove them come in


so.id to them what do you wo.nt. they smiled&: s aid " see "· I steped beak


they coma in ~ stood round half an hour. It was rumusing to see them


hear there low



a relief to have them go away. I did not ask them to coma again.

Oct. 27th


have been helping


in the cellar for the two lost deys.


have not had any time or any thing to write G. has gone over on Tompson creek after potatoes some

15 miles from here this afternoon o. great red Indian cmne in he was o. Sioux I

was very froid of him &. Vntie looked os thou~h she would sink he opened the door


came in & put out his ho.nd & said as all of them do how. I shook hands with him and said how in return. then he began to look o round the room ~ said in I did

not know what he ment & told him so. he then took up my best butcher knife & that

was what he wanted I said I can't spore that but he ask rna twice more f or it but

of course did not get it. he looked ot Vatie


said papoose I told him yes she was my papoose he laughed lJ. shook his heDd


said no I insisted that she was &; every

time he said no. then he steped close to me & poted me under my chin I began to think our time hod come. he then saw Vatia's doll in the cradle & said p~poose &

took it up d: tel t of it all over then lr·.id it down &. went of.'f 0: we wer glad to see

his bnok I asure you

Oot. 28th

An other lords day


all is well. I felt a~ though I could not stay at homa







from church


I told G. I wished he would rend while I don my necessary work for I had an other homesick fit. he lnughted at me but took the Evnngelist & read it a loud. the day is nearly gon & I rum one the nearer my home. G. did not get home last night till 8 oclock he bought 20 bushels of potatoes for 75 cts per bushel & they were large nice looking but prove to be soggy. \--e hod a bout 15 that was raised on our place the man had du~ the most of them


sold them before we got

here G. hod to dig the rest him self. his farming this year has been 400 dollars out of pocket he so.ys


every thing has gon to rack &. ruin

Oct. 29th This morning G. went to the mountains ofter wood. when it was 10 AM I s ew a

teem over on the Bluff runing a way I feared it was his


while I watched them a

man on a horse cnme after them i t was half nn hour before they got near enough to tell who it was


it proved to be our teem &


Sherwood hfld cau~t t hem they

had taken the advantage when G. fired his revolver a~ a Bad ger to come off



him. he lost his grume ~ hod the pleasure of wo.lkin~ 6 miles before he met



who took his horse ~went to meet him the lines wer uroken ~ it took him the rest

of the day to finde them & get them mended up. this is the beauty of living so far

from wood

Oot. 30th G. has been for wood again today & did not get home till 8 in the evening ~

did not get more than half of o oord that he had to throw several times over to get it down where his wagon was. I have been washing~ that ~ the anxiety I have

felt o. bout G. has o. bout used me up for today. I must have something all the time

to disturbs.

Oot.3lst I have had a feast today it consisted of news from home 3 letters from my dear sisters Ann Lydia & Sarah. I sat down ~ answered Lydins ~while I was writing an

Indian rode up with two Antelope on his poney. G. called me out to see them









they ware pretty fellows


I pityed the poney to CPrry th3m ~ his master on his


Nov. 2nd This hos been a fine day just 6 weeks since we got here Vatie ~ I called on

Mrs. Sherwood this afternoon. had a pleasant time.

This evening G. ronde a little shelf & put up our olook & it made this dismal

room look a little more cheerful ~ home like ~ now I oailtall the time of day any where in the room

Nov. 7th

We are having beautiful weather but it is not like any foll I ever saw there is no beoutiful tre.ea ell covered with goy colored leovea A g.overnment train camp-ed just below our house this aft ernoon ~ wil l spend the nirht there there is

nothing of interest except G, shot two rabbits this morning <:I. we hod them for

din-ner Vntie anid poor fellowe they were so hoppy this morning

Nov. 6th We did not nllow our selves to sleep very sound lnst ni ght fearin g some of t he train would tnke some thing. but nothing wos-· disturbed with us. but some one took four mules & one horse from them. they hnd 6 to a wagon & they started out all but

2 men they went in search of tha lost ones but could not get any trn ck of them G. has been to the office this evening ~ got a letter from Grace she sent Vutie

some flowers & soma of 'fiillies feathers C. it all most made her homesick. I hnve bnked five pumkin E}~s today they ere the first ones


hr-ve mr.de since



B.-it had been three months & I had ell most forgoten how. the milk was given to us by Mrs. Ranger ~.



Sabbath day & a lonely one it seema a great pity to be kep at home when one wantea to go to ohuroh so bad. some one has set the ~rarie on fire & the smoke is



-plentiful this afternoon • we are not in nny danger as it is 6 cross tha stream.

G. went to the Post lost night ~ some one took his nice large Buffnlow robe that

he paid ~18.00 for lost winter. but he sAis the be~uty of it is he knowes who

stole it. they hitched their horses to his wagon. he went out of the store,& he knew the horses & supposed they knew his teem


would not disturb it or nny thing


went back o few moments to find the buffelow token & they wer not out of sight Nov. 13th

G. went to the mountains yesterday after wood it begun to snow after he left home


kep it up oll day. he did not get home till nfter dark. he called on the ones that took his Buffo.low robe they were quite surprised but gave it up however. There is a trovaler here tonight G. has been putting stop casings to t he windows today it is cold

·Nov. 18th Sabbath after sabbath roles ·around eaoh one bringing us all nearer to tho.t never ending one of rest. ~ now at the close of this day es I behold t he beauty

of the sky I think what it must be " in heaven· o bove where o.ll is love11 I run such

o ~reot sinner I nm not worthy to even see the glories of this world or the

wonder-ful things God has mnde

Nov. 20th G. hod four men to help him on his log stnola ~ they wer hera to dinnar. I got

roast beef boiled potntoes <.\. a currant dumnlin with snuce to ar.t on it bread nnd butter cole slnw ts, teA. they n~a;med-t;relish t .1eir meal.. thay ~-ot throu e:h

at half post 2 .P~ t't soon nfter two Indians f.:. n squ~w peid us a visit they staid

till nfter six then they colled for sunoer ~ lod ~in G. told them we h~d nothing

for them t't they hnd better


to taneth~t islodge in their own lonr;uo ga. they left imediotely but not DS soon as-r-wished for I don't like my floor me.de a spit-con. Oh if I had the wings of a bird I would this moon lig-ht night fly a way from this plaoe & the red man I suffer very tnuch from feor ~ there is no hope for any

thing good very soon


. ~·-.. ·-or>;-...---,.,.~---.... ·-:;·.---~.---· --~ .--... -~·--- . --· ..---·-- --- __ ,..._ ... ---~---"""':"""- -r-·----.. - .. -:---:---- - .--+ .... - - -;r.---~ -:~--· --... -_, ____





Nov. 24th I have been n visitin~ this ofternoon down to h1rs. Arthurs it was nine weeks

yesterday since we landed here <x this is the first visit 1 nove made Mrs-.-A. don all she oould to mnke it ogrreeable but ofter r.ll there wr.s not much sotisfe~~~~

in it. Vatie went with me ~- we wolked down but Geo carne after us. we hod en

inver-tation to a party when we had been hera 8 weeks but did not go to it.

Nov. 25th So.bbath evening how I l on r:ed t o meet with those people in B. tonight that have met for prayer. I have so mony things to onoy me. I can not " patien~.l.l endure

my every trial "


I hope my christian friends at home will remember me that I rum

shut o woy from all their reli~ious privileges. G. h~s read one of Spureeons

sermons this evening. we usualy sin~

Nov. 27th I hove been doin~ some very hard woshing & am very tired Geo woe nway & I had

to bring my water ~ the wind blew so strong it would toke out a good deal from the

pail. I woe so tired I oould hordly eot my supper & that did not relish. a little

butter on my breod would have been o feast to me. . &: a g;ood eosy ohoir a great

illillry. but soon I sholl oamp down on the floor


try to rest my tired bones

Nov. 29th This has been Thnnksg-ivinr day. we invited F. Grant to spend it with us but he did not get· here till avenin~. I felt quite unwell but got him some supper C. made

two beds on the floor. This morning G. found a rabbit in the cellar and he killed him


some day we will eot him. Vatie want down in the bend of the river ~ got

some old rose buds to fill her vase. she wnnted to trim up because it was Thonks-giving


th~ red buds did ad to the looks of our dingy room while she was gone she found a plaoe where some oorn hod been spilt by o train that oamped there. she went



--~---.,.-~-bock & picked up over n quart. I wont very much to go to church ~ their meet with

my friends ot horne ~ thus ended my first thanks givinr. in the west.

Nov. 30th This has been o fine day


Grant &


hove been putting up his log house it is a mile from here. I wonder if I shall ever see Ella comeing over here. if she don't come I hope some good woman will I hava been o bout sick today d so has Vatie.

the tent cover I washed monday wes to much for me


I heve not been well since nor ab_e to do my other washing this week

Dec. 2nd This is the sabbath ~ o oold windy day G. went yesterday after wood ~ comaing

home lost his horses nose bogs & this 'morning he took an early ride to fi~de them

he had to ~o some six miles before he found them. it was a long day but I had the

more time for reading. in the evening G. read one of Spurgeons sermons

Deo. 6th


had a letter from Lydia today just after we had been to dinner


Grant came here I got him some dinner then he ~ G. went to look after his oxen they

got home after dark but hod not found them. it makes a great deal of work when the wh le prairie is a pasture ~ no fence a round it, & rivers to be forded. but that

is the way every one else let their stock run

Deo. 7th This has been euoh a funny day I must tall you all a bout it the sun rose brite & clear the weather was worm at 10 AM tha wind uomanoad clawing


I never saw the snow fly any worce than the dirt did till noon than it began to snow


it kept it up till nearly 2 PM when it olenred off a the sun a gain shown & it was calm at sundown it began to snow o gain. all this ~other we had in sunney Col. in


one dny where it is not so changeable os it is in Boonville. wall all this is nothing if one can ba contented


call it rood. but I am just ugly enough to remind the-rest when they do not notice it. th~t


of the chcnraoble weather is not in ~- G. has been gone all dny ~ it is now 9 PM ~ he hns just r.ot home

Dec. 9th Vatie's sabbath lesson wns very interestinr, to dny


she often sais pa would you like to know what it is a bout it is easy ~ interestin~ but she don't feel the

loss of the


school as muoh as


wi~h she did but she hos more taste for reading

t.t. as long: o.s I oan put good books


pepers in her reach I think she wi 1 not forg:et all her early influences

Dec. lOth

~ ell


hove somathing ~ood to tall this time.


has finished our bed sted

to day


we ore to sleep on it to ni ght for 16 weeks I hove hod to put my bed down every night ~ take it up every morninr.


it has been a very hard thing to do. Then

it adds so much to the looks of the room no costly furniture ever looked os well to me os my homely bed sted with n p·ood bed on it. 0: on the outside si ster Ann

coveled I have looked ot it ever so mony times ~ it all ways remindes me of her. it nenrly looks to good to mus. I hove a tent cover n ~r.inst the wall oll a round



my mat in front is a gray wolf skin it will be soft


worm to our feet this


----Dec. 14th This has been an eventful dny. I hove bean trying tallow. A pedlnr come here


we sold him five dozen of egrs for os mony dollars. took our pay in troid coffee soda


an opron for myself but the worst of it wns he colled for a dish to dip the

coffee & I lent my new print basin ~ he carried it off. he was formily from Onon-darnn Co NY


~-~--~~-- ·-- -··




I j

Dec. 19th G. was goin~ down to


Arthurs on business 0.. he ask me to ride down there

for a cell. Mrs. A. was getting supper <' she urc;ed us to stay as sha had some

fresh pork. Vatie was nnxious to stny &


A. began to unhitch the teem so we did not get a woy till after 8 that is the first time I have been out in the evening

Dec. 22nd

I have not had a letter in over two weaks till today I got one from A. ~ one

from L. there was fOOd news from home but some how I ht1va fal t \-~ry low spirited

every since


that old homesick feelinf. comes

back to

me. an

other week is gon

& 0

how oold the wind sounds tonight


& V.

ara a sleep "


rum e lone

Dec. 23rd This is the Lords day & no sabbath bell invites one to ohuroh. I some times fear I shall become weened from such snored things. but now one knowes the loss I feel now but those that have had the same experience I have good books to read &

they in a mansura fill up this acheing void. but I thirst for somathing more.


have written to



Dec. 25th And this is merry Christmas to all. SantA-Claus did not poy us a visit last night his " eight tinney rei~"lldeer " wer to small for such a long journey ~ he

wise-ly staid a way, I have spent my time as usual only rot rn axtra rood dinner. Chicken and crocker pie , pot~toes beef o coffee ·with bread but not any butter. in the.· afternoon G. soddled Kate ~ lat Votie have c :ride she enjoied it very much ~

did not seem o froid he then came in <>. insisted on my goin~ out a trying. I did

not want to but to please him (~. Vatie want. but r:~.y how ofroid I was i.: I did not get

over it in two hours ~ thus ended my first attempt at horse back riding & my first

Christmas in the for west



··-Deo. 29th Yesterday G. went to the mountains c- he did not ~' at homa till to day noon Vntie & I staid here lost ni fht nll a lone with our kitten uue of thar.. vro.s bitten by an

old cot 4 weeks n go ~ we kept him till now thinkine ha would ~at over it but as

the wound heeled it closed up the water passage


it suffered so much G. hod to kill him it wns Vatie•s fo.vorite kitten.

Deo. 31st

The last day of 1866 ~ cold ~ stormy it comenced snowing last night. we have now 4 or 5 inches of snow for o winding sheet to the dying year. it olso remindes me of the flite of time


the oertointy of death. G. hos been mending his boot a;

then he oiled them ~: while he was doin~ it hit the dish


necked it off the stove


mode n grease spot thnt will last one year I nm efroid. I-hove been c o verin~ a

box for a ohnir or stool we now have two-old onmp choirs one board ohair ~ this

new stool. Votie has rot her lessons


amused her self by spelling out words with the big letters Grooe sent her.

Jan. 4th Yesterday it be gan to snow o bout 2 P.M. &.. it did not stop till in the evening. G. thourht he would moka a new table out of on old one ~ comenced it yesterday but

did not get it don till 3 P.M. today we took our braokfo.st on the stone harth this

morning~ then fasted till the tnble was finished our folks ·would think it only

fit for a sink room now but I have to put up with it if there is no leaves or paint on it.

Jan. 5th This is a very cold day ~;~ the first ler:sure cne G. has hod since we cruna here.

he went dvwn to l~. Arthur's a horse bock :.... .oill ey ra"'\ji1er stro.y ::ut on the prniria

so he just left him at the door


started for homa but was 3 hours oumeing when he got here I put him in the stable ~ on sedled him G. hod o 4 mile walk homa rather

more of a good thinr than he wented


. --.---·-··

·- ----

-~--- -.,..,...,..._-..-_


Jan. 6th This is the first sunday in the yeor staid ot home os usual there has not been any meeting for some time I sow a sled today pass by here drown by two mules the first one I hove seen in the country. Just at dusk two men came here 2 wanted to stay all night so we kept them ~ there 2 horses ~ a pair oxen G. sold our oxen

some time ago.

Jon. 9th ~, Ar~hur &~s. Davis ~ her little boy cDma here when I was ~etting dinner~ staid all day. I popad some corn for them it wos the first they had seen in! years ~they enjoyed it very 1nuch.


had never seen Mrs.




is young

&. not much company for me. I feel the ~ of good ~oiety very much.

Jon. lOth G. has gon to the mountains this day to comence a job of drawing lo r.s to a

mill five miles from the mountains on his wa~n if the snow is not to deep ~ he

wil.l not be home till satlJrday night I was vary much opos!3~ to his doing it c:c. said

ell could a goinst it but he must do something to keep the wolf from the door and nothing else presents it self ot presont

Jon. 12th Geo came horna this evening <J: hed been gon 3 doys (' two ni ghts ii had not drawn

but one small load to the mill the snow was to .deep for h~s wa~on ~he spent part

of his time in mokin~ n sled. I felt so discourc&ad about it he had expended 13

dollors on his wafOn besideS n weeks work. I folt that I was not paid for my trouble it is not pleesant to stay here day~ night with no one but Vatia the

first night I had to toke the l~ntern


bo out oftar nin~ oolock ~ drive the cattle

a way from our hay I was a fraid to go but there was no other way for me Vatia was a sleep ~ I wos all a lone



t ! ~ i t







1 I I



i I


j 1


Jan. 15th Geo went to the mountnins yasterd~y ~ornin{ to be ron oll the week. I did not feel very well


r.fter he had (On gave v~nt to Iny feelinr,s inn flood of tenrs. it

nny saem foolish to tho sa that hove nei r:hbors L friends nround theLl. I get o long ., 1

very well throu~h the d!'.y but the long evenings c:: .. ni[hts nre horible I could not

tell any one my feelings. the wind comenced to blow nftor the -sun-went down. I hove looked out several times to see if our hay


building~ wer standing or if they had

blown o way. it is hnlf post 9 PM I have just been out ~ drove sam 25 horses away

from here. if this is not a life of privation t.c hardship I run mistaken in the-

mean-ing of that word

Jan. 19th . Saturday night has at last coma


so has G. his weeks work has not been a pay-ing one I feel low spirited the most of the time. · these are dark days such as I

i~ gined


should see ~ shrank from undertaking, ~ when I feel it was not necessary

I bear it with poor grace. the only way now is to trust in our heavenly father ~he

will open some way for us to supply our doily wants.

Jan. 20th Sabbath morninr. we found it snowing hard when we got up. A big ox train passed

by ere in the storm it has not stoped snowing this dey ~ that remindes me of



of the churoh ~ srbbath school. the~ do not miss me there but how much I fael the need of there teachinrs here

Jan. 24th Vie hove o foot



c •.

the weather is very cold. George went to the mountains this morning


left me to toke care of two hcrses insted of one. our best one is sick & is not well enough to work 6.. has not been for some time Mr. Dunken stoped

to warm I had never seen him before ~ did not know who it was for some tims



'"---·---.----r-r---.-Jun. 26th Geo cRm home toni~ht · without his overcoat he gut hindred ~ so did not r,o to the

cabin after it he wus very cold. the horses war white with frost. I went out with the lantern t:o.· helped him. I have found it very cold doing the chores o.

chop-ing wnter holes friday mornchop-ing the nir was full of frost ~ every bush ~ tree wna

criatolized & in the sunlight they were splendid.

Jon. 27th Sabbath dey our usual quinta wos somewhat disturbed today by callers in the morning a young man called in in search of work we had non for him just as my supper wo.s ready to tuke up two teems drove up it wns Mr. (\ Mrs. Strnton Mr. Mel-drum was o lieut in the 21st s. Stone ~~ Mrs. Forbs the loter lives 6 miles from

us the others at the post or Ft. ollins 5 miles they staid one hour ~ had beeh

to dinner we waited till they had ~one ubout e ~ ting ours.

Jan. 31 I have been very busy getting Geo ready to ~ o to Denver City he went to the

mountains monday morning


was ~on two days


this morning early he started for D.

I ~ave been very busy all dny regulating ~ have not had time to be lonesome but

evening is now coma


it is not so easy to keep cheerful I shall spend the most of

it reading in the Sunday School Times ·

Feb. 3rd Sabbath day it hos been a very windy day &·snow squalls in the mountains but Vatie


I enjoyed it nevertheless I rend a sermon to her out of the SS Times it pleased her very much. At noon she wanted to say her SS lesson ~ sing as we used to

in B. in a short time she came to me Rnd s~id it did not seem like a S School

be-cause I did not p~ay so this eveninr we hove had o little prayer meeting of only~·







1 1








Feb. 5th G. came home from D. this evening all safe but with a very bod cold he brought

back 1744 lbs of frait for Mason


Allen which amounted to ~43.60 but the worst of

it is he has to let it all go os the soyin~ is for ~ ded horse. but I rum thankful

for the opportunity of doing even that


sometime I hope we shall be in better air•

c~tancee, if it wer not for hop~ what should I do

Feb. 9th I took n bad cold last Thursday sitting by the fire the wind blew very hard nll day



did not go out of the house nor

I could

not keep wnnn in it

& I

hnve been about sick ever since G. is getting bettor of his but hfls been nbout home all

the week


this morning he finished our ~ I have not been in to one since the

22nd of last August


I oan't tell you how pleased I fell with it if it ia built of logs ' & has a dirt roof the sent is good


so is the door

Feb. lOth .Sabbath day and a warm pleasant one staid at home as usual just as I got our supper on the table a stranger called in he soid to rest but I think he smelt my victuals ~ made that an excuse. G. ask him to come to the table & he very willingly



said while eating he wanted to get work ~ hod no money. his meal rested



he took his leaf as all be~gars do (eat ~ run)

Feb. 11th


went to the mountains this morninr to be ron all the week ~


feel very

lone-ly again I have been coloring some stockings with tea ~ bnking bread " it is very nice Vatie is now eating a piece ~ she seems to relish it if there is no butter or

any thing on it. hunger is all the snuce we have ~ that ia an exelent kind for

poor folks if they have a plenty of plain food as we have so far hunger will be sat-isfide.



-~.~·-·--Feb. 16th There has not been ony thing during the week worth noting down nothing but my

daily cares in doors ~ out. my horse must be fed ~ croomed ~ her stable kept in



my hens fed twice each day. I d0n't fet but twv 1ooals n joy when G. is a wey he. did not get horne till nine


brour)lt a load of poles for fencing

Feb. 18th


wrote a letter this fornoon to sister Lydia then







3 PM

he started for the mountains li: we ore or.ain a lone.

Feb. 19th This morning there was a dense fog ~ I sup~ose there will be a frost in June

to pay for it.




would not be home till saturday night but just at dusk he came horne ec Hubert Gleason with him ~. he brought o load of logs for fire

wood. a pedlar oalled after the sun was down ~ wnntad to stay all niLht I hated

to tall him-nD but I would not keep him when I wns o lone. soon after G.~ H. cams

& I hnd supper to get for them o: they don it justice as they had fasted since

morn-ing ·

Feb. 20th This hns been a cold disagreeable day (. has snowed some. after dinner I had bread to mix




had finished it


cnme in and oak if


would get dinner for two man thnt came o long tl: I don so. ot nirnt while I was waiting for G. to finish his chores o young mDn called ~ ask if we wanted to keep him over night for

nothing he was dirty & very roged G. said no on•j he left.

Feb. 21st This morning Hubert went u woy ~ G. st~rtad for Danvar a lone on business for

him self & two other man he had oheoks f0r them to the ~ount of 15 hundred dollars




I feel very uncomfortable o bout him ~ very lonely now we ore a lone a gain he has gon with two horses


I have the others to take care of ~ it is quite n task

Feb. 22nd The wind has blown very strong from the west all doy u I never saw the snow melt a way so fost the ground is covered with water Mrs. Stone has a dancing party

this night !:.. we had an invertation but should not have gone if G• hod been at home he soia he has no five doll~rs to sp~re (~ I hove no desire to go I could not honor

my saviour at a ~

Feb. 23rd We hod a change in the weather l ast ni ght. it snowed o little ~ blowed o good



I hod to work one hour


a half to clear the snow out of the chnmber it

drove under the shinr.les c.:. every thinr: was covered with it ~ not o very worm job on

on empty stomooh the wind blowes very cold tonight

Feb. 24th

· I hove not enjoyed this sobbath doy vary well I rend in Spurgeons ~ems till

my teeth oohad so bod I laid down for one hour this evening I om feeling some bet-ter


Votie has read a number of po~es from the same book tonight. How long it

seems since I have been to church or any meeting

Feb. 27th

This has been a warm nice day I hove been ironing & the room was so wor.m I had the door open nearly all day. how different from 12 years ago sister


wedding day I hove thought so much of her ell day • Geo came homa tonight from Denver all safe but I do not feel at all pleesed in the way he has mannoged he was gon 7 days


Votie ~ I staid a lone all of the time



.--March lst I deolo.ir I run afraid I shall r:et to be a very bad woman I have so mnny things to try one & sc little patience to benr them lost nir~t two men staid here one of

them was n sort of a pedlar I did not know it till ha come to pay his bill G. took a pnper of onion seed & paid the trifling sum of two dollnrs it vexed me to think he don it but it don no rood ~ now I hove the house-to cle-;r of mud from top to bot-tom


my stove to cleans from toboco !P~~

G. went a wny this mornin~ <· will not ba home tonight I hove the 4 horses to care for ~ it was every thinr but nice the mud ~ wrtar oncle deep between the house a

stable I had to chonf·e my clothes whan I got through. aint this e fine account for one day

Morch 2nd I got up this morning l.~ found it snowin{' h1-1rd but the horsos t1ust be fed ond watered for all thot G. did not ret home till late in the afternoon I hove been

cutting out o pair of buckskin pants for


Gleason they last a lon~ t i me a are

worn very much in these pnrts by white men as well os by Indians

March lOth This has been a cold windy day it snowed a little I hod hard work to keep

warm~ nt lost put o shawl er~und me when the wind blowes from the north west it is

dificiult to keep fire enough to wa~ so large e 'room· I hove enjoyed tha day however rending Spurgeons gems ~ explaining Vaties lesson my Bible dictionary was a grant

help to us

Murch 14th This has been a nice day but cold, it has bean very cold for several days last Monday I don my washinr but it was lata


I did not hang out my white clothes ~ they

have been in the tub till this morninr I hod to put several pails of boiling water to thaw them out it hns been such weather as I like to burn all of the dry wood I oan instead of that our wood has been ~c~e u not very dry. today is the anniver-sary of sister L. marriare how much I have thou~ht of one year a go. how different

this day hns been with me from that one. when I look book


think of all that hos transpired in that time it sae1~ mnny yeors instad of 0ne, I presume L. thinks it

30 a z · .. ; ; _ . ¥ k; 3 £ $ ·:.J


... --- -~---


-..-_..._ ---- --- ...



I \


t I I l I

both lonr


short when thara ore 12 more yaors cdded os there is to my married life one yeor will not look so lonr ofter all

March 15th G. went to the mountains this morninr nfter wood


will not ~et bock till

to-morrow. it is very cold n bout 8 PM Mr. Dun-con coma n len~ · with r. drove of cnttle


wnnted to stoy over nieht his own home was


maTes fnrthor on


his cnttle to tired to ~ any fnrther. I told him seeing him to be a neighbor he could stny

I then rot super for him ond his mnn they hod there own hoy Vatie & I slept up stairs on the floor


rave them our bed to sleep in

Mo.roh 16

G. ~ot home about 3 PM


his eyes wer in a bod stote he was snow blind



not see but o very little Mr. Duncan left about 8 this morninr, he offered to pay me for his 4 menls but I would not take any thing

March 17th This is a very. brirht suney day


we hove all the curtains down on account of

G. eyes I oookerl mothers corn for supper ~ how much I thourht of her while eating

. it it will be n lonr time before I hove any more ~~;t~2..!!.

Mn.rch 18th This morninr.


Duncan celled


presented me with 3 lbs of butter. he was de-termined to pay me


tha butter was very acceptable os I hod non

March 22nd

Today G. bought two cows & paid ~100.00 for the!n they ere very thin &: I think will not ba worth much this summer

March 25th G. has been ofter hay today ours is nll gon it is now selling for ~17 a ton

the snow still stays on the t'round




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