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Errata to thesis

Karin Rylander (2009): Thin-fibre signalling in humans: Cortical processing of sensory afference and autonomic efference.

Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg ISBN: 978-91-628-7978-5

The following should be corrected for:

p 10 Last sentence of introduction to Ch 2:

Reads: “… 2) C-fibres innervating the viscera”

Should read: “… 2) thin fibres innervating the viscera”

p 13 Last paragraph, 4



Reference: “Henderson et al 2004”

Should be: “Henderson et al 2002”

and should be changed accordingly in the reference list (last reference p 30) to:

Henderson LA, Macey PM, Macey KE, Frysinger RC, Woo MA, Harper RK, Alger JR, Yan-Go FL, Harper RM. (2002) Brain responses associated with the Valsalva maneuver revealed by functional magnetic resonance imaging. J Neurophysiol.

Dec. 88(6):3477-86.

p 15 Last sentence:

Reads: “… to a mild C mechano-afferent fibre input”

Should read: “… to a mild mechano-afferent thin-fibre input”

Abstract Paper II, second paragraph:

Reads: “rapid vibration (preferential CT stimulation)”

Should read: “rapid vibration (preferential Aβ stimulation)”





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