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EGF-mediated vascular functions in health and disease


Academic year: 2021

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Linköping University Medical Dissertations, No. 1459

EGF-mediated vascular functions in health and disease

Ziquan Cao

The following list contains minor grammatical errors found in my Ph.D. thesis Page, Paragraph, line Original text Corrected text

Spikblad, line 12 Department of Dematology Department of Dermatology 11, second Paragraph,

line 1

“by extending filopodias along the gradient …”

“by extending filopodia along the gradient …” 25, first Paragraph,

line 1

“…during physiological and pathogenical


“…during physiological and

pathological angiogenesis…” 29, second Paragraph, line 1 “…a humanized monocloncal antibody…”

“…a humanized monoclonal antibody…”

44, figure 4, 48, first Paragraph, line 1

“…growth as the vegf morpholino.”

“…growth as the vegf morpholino.”

53, first Paragraph, line 1

“…one of the most an important experiences…”

“…one of the most important experiences…”

53, first Paragraph, line 7

“…to all who all you who have guided,”


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