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Nominal compounds in Old Latvian texts in the 16th and 17th centuries Kristina Bukelskytė-Čepelė

Original text Corrected text

p. 34 are addressed is addressed

p. 36 p. 123–124. pp. 123–124.

p. 38 diev-a grāmat-a (PhL) diev-a grāmat-a (L)

p. 41 compounds from noun compounds compounds from noun phrases

p. 51 do decide to decide

p. 51 (see section (see section

p. 52 u-stem u-stem

p. 69 ā-stem ā-stem

p. 69 u-stem u-stem

p. 70 zemes-soģis zemes-soģ-is

p. 71 Latv. <tee Atza==wahx> beside Germ.

<Augenliede> (L)n annot be explai

Latv. <tee Atza=ʃohbi> (Nom.pl.) beside Germ.

<die Augenzähne> (PhL)

p. 73 brol-ã-vaikis brol-ã-vaik-is

p. 74 ugn-ã-vietė ugn-ã-viet-ė

p. 78 liel-a-dien-u (Acc.pl.) liel-a-dien-u (Acc.sg.)

p. 79 writer’ s pen writer’s pen

p. 80 naud-a-kule naud-a-kul-e

p. 88 (ME) (MEe)

p. 107 ace ac-e

p. 114 ‘leg, feet’ ‘leg, foot’

p. 121 this type of compound discussed this type of compound are discussed

p. 132 1997 p. 3 1997, p. 3

p. 139 road-sign, signpost’ ‘road-sign, signpost’

p. 140 road-sign, signpost’ ‘road-sign, signpost’

p. 140 ‘to carry, to bear’ Latv. ‘to carry, to bear’) Latv.

p. 141 + cf. laup-ī-t , cf. laup-ī-t

p. 146 ‘Gen.pl.’ (Gen.pl.)

p. 162 galv-a-virs-s galv-a-virs-s

p. 168 lel-dien-u liel-dien-u

p. 174 Fennell, T. G. 2002. Fennell, T. G. (2002).

p. 201 (Gen.sg.) Germ. (Gen.sg.) beside Germ.

p. 203 ‘basker’ ‘basket’

p. 205 muc-a-katlis muc-a-katl-is

p. 216 [...] (Acc.sg.) [...]> (Acc.sg.)

p. 217 (Acc.sg.) (EE) (Acc.pl.) (EE)

p. 220 jaun-ūgsl-is jaun-ūgsl-is (?)

p. 224 <die Mitwoch> (LD); <die Mitwoch> (LD)

p. 232 trinniti> trinniti> (Acc.(?)sg.)

p. 232 kahrschi> kahrschi> (Acc.(?)sg.)

p. 241 pup-zīdis pup-zīd-is

p. 247 [...] (Acc.sg.) [...]> (Acc.sg.)

p. 248 pelni=tees> untranslated pelni=tees> (Loc.pl.) untranslated





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