The Routledge Companion to Research in the Arts

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The Routledge Companion to Research in the Arts

Table of Contents Editorial Preface

Foreword Helga Nowotny Hans-Peter Schwartz Part I. FOUNDATIONS

1. Torsten Kälvemark: University politics and practice-based research 2. Søren Kjørup: Pleading for plurality: artistic and other kinds of research 3. Henk Borgdorff: The production of knowledge in artistic research

4. Halina Dunin-Woyseth: Some notes on mode 1 and mode 2: adversaries or dialogue partners?

5. Michael Biggs & Daniela Büchler: Communities, values, conventions and actions 6. Graeme Sullivan: Artistic cognition and creativity

7. Linda Candy & Ernest Edmonds: The role of the artefact and frameworks for practice-based research


8. Mark Johnson: Embodied knowing through art

9. Joan Mullin: Rhetoric: writing, reading and producing the visual 10. Morwenna Griffiths: Research and the self

11. Jen Webb & Donna Lee Brien: Addressing the ancient quarrel : creative writing as research 12. Susan Kozel: The virtual and the physical: A phenomenological approach to performance research

13. Catharina Dyrssen: Navigating in heterogeneity: architectural thinking and art based research

14. Malcolm Quinn: Insight and rigour: a Freudo-Lacanian approach

15. Stephen Scrivener: Transformational practice: on the place of material novelty in artistic change

16. Henrik Frisk & Henrik Karlsson: Time and interaction: research through non-visual arts and media

17. Siegfried Zielinski: Thinking about art after the media: research as practiced culture of experiment


18. Annette Arlander: Characteristics of visual and performing arts 19. Henk Slager: Differential iconography

20. Katy Macleod & Lin Holdridge: Writing and the PhD in fine art 22. Darren Newbury: Research training in the creative arts and design

22. Joost Smiers: No copyright and no cultural conglomerates: new opportunities for artists 23. Michael Biggs & Henrik Karlsson: Evaluating quality in artistic research

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