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First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the women who generously participated in the different studies making this research possible.

I want to thank Karolinska Institutet and the financial support by Stockholm County Council and Karolinska Institutet Research Funds (ALF), Swedish Research Council, Swedish Aleris research and development fund, Mayo -KI Collaborative Grants, the Mayo Clinic and Liljeholmens Akademiska Vårdcentral.

Of all fantastic persons around me, I specially want to thank:

Kristina Gemzell, my main supervisor. You are such an amazing person! Always there to help, support and push me in the right direction. Wherever you are in the world, despite time zones, you are always available. Your energy, enthusiasm and sharp intellect are unique. Despite an extremely busy schedule, you still remember all details and don´t forget a meeting. I´m so happy to get to know you and proud to be a part of your fantastic team.

Dr. Elizabeth Stewart, the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA. For designing the project. There wouldn´t be any PhD project if it wasn´t for you. Thank you for taking care of me during my visits at the Mayo Clinic. Also, the morning rehearsals at the hotel lobby in Singapore were invaluable and the Singapore Sling in the evening was something to remember.

Arne Rådestad, my co-supervisor in research and mentor at work. I appreciate your

clinical points of view in the project. But, more important, you have been a fantastic teacher and colleague at Aleris Specialistvård Sabbatsberg. Your patience is incredible. I have never met anyone like you when it comes to skills in teaching. I miss our days together in the operating theater and the courses we held.

Elisabeth Epstein, my co-supervisor. For planning and coordinating the ultrasound part of the project and for examine all the participating women. Thank you for inviting me to your beautiful home.

Nageswara Rao Boggavarapu, my co-supervisor. For your happy smile and discussions how to plan the molecular part of the study and for picking up biopsies at Aleris

Specialistvård Sabbatsberg.

My sincere gratitude to my other colleagues at the lab, present and past. First of all, Sakhti

biopsies, sometimes in short advance and in inconvenient time during the week. After picking up the biopsies you had a lot of hours to work further with them, before storage. I also want to thank Caroline Salminen Frisendahl, Suzanna Queckbörner, Rasmus Green and Carolina von Grothusen who has contributed in different ways. A biopsy needs a lab, that´s for sure!

The team at the WHO center is the keystone for research with a lot of inspiring and fantastic people. Research nurses Eva Broberg, who coordinated the project with the collaborators at the Mayo Clinic the first years, Ulrika Fundin, Anette Daberius and Karin Emtell Iwarsson for pep talk and help to take care of study participants. Annette Aronsson always so nice and positive. I also want to thank all other members in the WHO team, who are in different stages in their PhD. We learn from each other !

Catarina Karlsson, the super administrator at the WHO team. You know everything and can help with anything. Besides that, back in the years when handwritten signatures were needed, or meeting IRL was something we did, you always knew where to find Kristina.

Raffaella Pozzina, my co-author and a brilliant radiologist. Thank you for planning the radiological part of the studies and for assessing images. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in MRI and for enjoyable discussions during meetings at the “Expresso House”

and in your home. You have been invaluable for this project.

The nurses at Aleris Specialistvård Sabbatsberg; Eva Frisk, Anneli Hansson, Sandra Rubio and Anita Gaevert. You took care of the participating women in the project so nicely, as well as the collaborators from the research lab. To assist me when taking endometrial samples was not the easiest part of your work and you put all your effort in helping me.

Sandra af Winklerfelt Hammarberg, the head of Liljeholmens Akademiska Vårdcentral.

Thank you for your support, and for believing in this project. You have shown me that it is possible to do a PhD, even when working outside the university hospital. You are always there, whenever I need you.

My colleagues at Liljeholmens Gynekologiska mottagning, you are fantastic. Catarina Leiding, Eva Frisk (again, you never get rid of me), you have been the rocks during this last year when the world is shaking and I have been everywhere except at the clinic.

Sabine Naessén for believing in me and supporting me with good advices during the thesis writing. Anna Karin Ahlsén and Petra Göthlin for doing the administrative work for me when I´m not at the clinic. Malin Bryde and Louise Broström von Bergen, I am happy that you have chosen to work at our small gynecological clinic. I promise you all to be more present from now on.

Tora Almqvist, my mentor, for always encouraging me and for good advice and support in research and private life. You are always there when I need you. We were also a great team at the medical school together with Filippa Hummer and Marie-Louise Berg Lekås.

Carsten Rasmussen, former head of the gynecological department, Karolinska Huddinge, who introduced hysteroscopy to me.

Katarina Englund, colleague from Aleris Specialistvård Sabbatsberg, for exciting

journeys to meetings and for listening to my rehearsals. Unexpected events happened all the time and we have had so much fun.

Anna-Sofia Melin, Anna Maria Kanold, Fariba Zhaenteen, Helene Heasert and Liv Ahlborg, my former colleagues from Karolinska Huddinge. The dinners with you is invaluable for me. Endless discussions about gynecology and everything else that’s matter.

All my friends in Stockholm Skridskoseglarklubb. You make the winter warm and cosy.

What would the winter be like, without you?

My dear friends Zule Sicardi Salomon and Sara Stignäs. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for kayaking adventures and tent nights.

My sister Stina Håkans and my brother Daniel Andersson. I appreciate you more as an adult than I did as a child. You have a lot of skills that complements mine.

Keth Andersson My dear mother, who in the aged of 80, has shown me that it´s never too late to learn new things and turn into new paths. You have many more years to go and more adventure to discover.

Carl Bergström Finally I met you, the love of my life. You are the rock I have been searching for. We have a lot of adventures to discover, this is just the beginning. I´m looking forward to the years to come, together with you.

Sofia Isaksson and Alva Isaksson, my beloved daughters, the two most important people in my life. You have just passed the line from being children to become beautiful

independent strong women. I´m so happy to have you in my life and I am so proud of you.

You can achieve whatever you want in your life.

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