Errata list to the thesis:

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Errata list to the thesis:

Participation and ICT: Students with Special Educational Needs in Upper Secondary School, by Moa Yngve, Linköping University, 2020.

In bold are the changes to be made.

Sammanfattning på svenska, p.5, Resultat: ”akademiska skolaktiviteter” should be replaced with skolaktiviteter med koppling till lärande.

List of papers, p.7, study I: The information “This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License” should be included.

Introduction, p.15, first section, line 2, should read: These dimensions of participation,.. Introduction, p.16, first section, line 6: “..promoting participation and engagement in the student role..”, should read: promoting participation in the student role.

Method, p.30, Table 2: Study III, students with high school absence should be n=54. Result, p.46, first section, line 7: The mentioned proportion (two-thirds) of students stating they had support from school personnel refers to study III. In study II, 57% stated they had received support from school personnel at inclusion.

Discussion, p.55, first section, line 14: Same as above, the proportion (two-thirds) is related to study III.





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