Minicourse: "Auctions and Collusion" given by

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Minicourse: "Auctions and Collusion"

given by

Associate Professor John Asker, Stern School of Business, New York University

There will be three lectures in the mini-course given on December 11, 12 and 13 2013 at the Stockholm School of Economics.

This mini-course will review current methods in the empirical study of auction data, with a focus on applications to questions of coordinated bidding behavior (bidding rings, cartels and collusion). The first session will discuss empirical methods focusing on recent structural econometric tools. The second and third sessions will examine the application of these tools to the study of collusive bidding. The underlying focus will be on frameworks for understanding where open questions lie and ways to address them. Questions of cartel detection and damage assessment, being intertwined with this objective, will also be addressed.

Professor Asker is editor for the RAND Journal of Economics and has been at the forefront of recent empirical work on auctions and collusion, as evidenced for instance by his 2010 article on bidding rings in the American Economic Review.

The course is open to PhD students or PhD’s in economics – subject to approval. The course is free of charge. Register with Ritva Kiviharju ( before December 6. Lectures are in room Torsten (on the opposite side of the inner court yard as you enter SSE) and are as follows: December 11 (13.15-16), December 12 (14.15-17) and December 13 (9.15-12). A sandwich lunch will be offered on December 13.

There will be no exam and participation does not give any credits. The course is made possible by a grant from the Swedish Competition Authority.


Richard Friberg

Stockholm School of Economics




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