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Biographical information of Stephen L. Force


Academic year: 2021

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Born, yes but where?

Attended grammar school and high school in Greeley, Colorado.

Attended University of Oklahoma for one year. Graduated from Colo. School of Mines in f938, B.S. in mining engineering.

Started with GWS in 1938 at Johnstown, leaving GWS in 1939 to 1946 to serve as a 1 ieutenant colonel in the Army.

Returned to GWS in 1946, assigned to special research at Loveland. Became asst. superintendent at Greeley and at Johnstown.

1948- Superintendent, Eaton factory.

1949, 11 Gering, Nebr. factory

1953, 11

Ovid factory 1954 t II Bi 11 in gs.

Was also District Superintendent and Area Manufacturing Mgr.--Ohio District.

1973- Manufacturing Manager for Special Products, and will also supervise all manufacturing operations in Ohio.


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