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NOVIA University of Applied Sciences


Academic year: 2022

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NOVIA University of Applied Sciences

Degree Programme in Nursing, Åbo (Turku)

Following course (2ects) within the module Health- and resource promoting methods of work will be given in English in spring semester 2013.

Remark: For students in Health Care and Social Services

Multi-cultural care, 2 ects (February-March)

The student

- can describe the connection between culture, individual and society in relation to care - reflects on the ethical aspects of interprofessional care with people representing different cultures and/or religions

- possesses theoretical knowledge and practical skills to encounter and give care to people from different cultures and religions

Contact Person: Ann-Maj Johansson Phone: +358 (0)24323368

E-mail: ann-maj.johansson@novia.fi International Coordinator: Magnus Huldin Phone: +358 (02) 432 3127

E-mail: magnus.huldin@novia.fi


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