Preliminary Literature list 757A24 Analysing Change 2020

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Preliminary Literature list 757A24 Analysing Change 2020

Alvesson, Mats and Yvonne Due Billing (2009). Understanding gender and organizations.

London: Sage, Chapter 1-4, pp. 1-95 (available as an e-book via LiU Library)

Buikema, Rosemarie and Zarzycka, Marta (2011) “Visual Cultures: Feminist Perspectives.” In R. Buikema, G. Griffin and N. Lykke (Eds) Theories and Methodologies in Postgraduate Feminist Research. Researching Differently (New York: Routledge) Chapter 8, 119-134.

(available online via LiU Library) (15 p)

Denscombe, Martyn (2007) The good research guide. Open University Press, chapters 2 and 7. (Available as e-book at the LiU library).

Just, Edyta (2009) Chapter 5: The Incredible Body and IVF as an Assemblage. In; New Reproductive Assemblages: Understanding, Managing and ‘Using’ Human In Vitro

Fertilization (IVF), PhD Thesis, 243-299. (The Netherlands: Utrecht University). (Download from:

Lundberg, Anna (2007) Queering Laughter in the Stockholm Pride Parade, International Lundberg, Anna (2013) “Will We be Tested on This?”: Schoolgirls, Neoliberalism and the Comic Grotesque in Swedish Contemporary Youth Theatre, Culture Unbound, Volume 5, 2013: 133–152. (PDF)

Lundberg, Anna (2016) Radio Comedy, Gender: Laughter, (ed.) Bettina Papenburg, MacMillan Interdisciplinary Handbooks. (PDF)

Persson, Alma (2012) “An unintended side effect of pepper spray. Gender Trouble and

“Repair Work” in an Armed Forces Unit”, Men and Masculinities 15(2), pp. 132-151.

(available online via LiU Library) (19 p)

Ramazonoglu, Caroline and Holland ,Janet (2002) Feminist Methodology. Challenges and Choices. (London: Sage). Chapter 8, 145-165 (20 p).

Review of Social History 52, pp. 169–187. (PDF)





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